Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MAHER ZAIN IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!! ( Part 5)

Gosh! ive already set my alarm at 8am. but i missed it! rupenye aku salah set =(..i got up at 9.15 am i missed Maher Zain's interview with Hello On 2 ( tv2 Breakfast show ) errggh..hope there's it in u-tube


Alhamdulillah, i can watch Maher on Hello On 2 tho i didnt get up early that morning. Thanks to a loyal Maher Zain interviews uploader on u-tube, i hope he will record his showcase in Auditorium MBSA Shah Alam on the Oct 14th & 15th, for those who couldnt attend it like me ...sob3..( sedih lagi hehe).. And i also heard that, u cant record the event in the Auditorium, it is NOT ALLOWED. tv9 will get it on air on AidilAdha nanti. tunggu je lah ye..and i hope this loyal-uploader will post it on u-tube also. coz i wanna download it on my lappy wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee~~

so, this is whats on u-tube i found...thx so much uploader! >>>>>>> Hello On 2 , OCT 12th 2010

there'll be part 6 and on... 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MAHER ZAIN IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Part 4)

I sorta woke up early today to watch Maher Zain being interviewed LIVE on Nasi Lemak Kopi O at 9am this moning.  ( TV9 breakfast show/ morning show) ..This time he wasnt late. think i could see him for about 20-25 mins like that. And the presenter said pity Maher.. he had been "pulled" to the right and left ( people wanted to take pix with him LOL) ..And at the studio this moning it is said to be flooded with people who wanted to see him. cool. Could it be the people from MZMFC??? maybe... 

The interview was kinda cute. There were 2 people calling.And he spoke a few lines in Malay too. alah comeii! =) like " apa khabar" "terima kasih" ..He learnt how to reply terima kasih ( thank u) from the presenter Abu Talib Hussain? i think that's his name.."sama-sama" ..the next time he said it sounded like "sam-sam"lol..i give u an A la Maher..bole la tu... huhu..He sang INSYAALLAH ..and lastly, words to his fans, he wanted to say i love malaysian in Malay but he forgot. So Abu tol him like " saya sayang kamu semua".. but dont say " saya syg kamu" dont say "saya sayang kamu to a girl bcoz she will collapse". LOL yeah Maher wanted to say to Malaysian tho =P..

Glad i could see him LIVE on air again..weeee~ =)


My guess was right =) hehe...sape lagi yg kejar Maher kalau x budak2 MZMFC nih haa... See it's them! everywhere..aik cuti memanjang ke korg2 nih??? they are there during Maher's interview with Nasi Lemak Kopi O

* I DO NOT OWN THESE PICS , ihsan facebook fan

Maher + Raudhatus Sakinah


Tgk, ngan dowg2 skali kene interbiu


a present for Maher, they sign it for him =)

cool! n cute =)

ni mesti xabis kejar lg nie..lepas ni kt mane plak??

Saturday, October 9, 2010

MAHER ZAIN IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!! ( Part 3)

The snobbish Hot.fm ( hehe~ jgn mare..)

According to Maher's schedule in Malaysia, like shown in the poster i put in my previous post, Maher Zain has been scheduled to be interviewed by 3 radio stations right? IKIM, SINAR, and Suria.fm... 

The story is....Hot.fm, ( one of the Malay  radio station in Malaysia) was not scheduled to have an interview with Maher .jeng3....haa...usually, star/ artist/ celebrity or anybody had been in MHI studio will be "dragged" to be interviewed in Hot.fm radio conty.However, we know that it is not on his schedule right??? Here's the story!!! That's what i predicted to happen coz i noticed, when i watched MHI, if they are interviewed there, they will be interviewed in the radio also since they r under one roof. plus the radio conty is on the way out...

What happened was, when Maher Zain came accross the transparent window of the video konti, ehemm ehemm, FBI and AG ( the DJs ) saw him and his group leaving..then the group was seen on cam entering the konti. Aik, this is out of Maher schedule actually..Malu mata ke HOT.fm??? hihik.... 

They greet Maher, shaked hands, took pix, but didnt interview him. i know all this coz i saw 8tv hot.fm am crew ( morning show)..otherwise we wouldnt have known. Then, one of the DJ said that Maher will be interviewed by Sh. Aleya ( hot.fm DJ)..ehemmm hemm..this is out of schedule actually. They only deal with Maher after they saw him passing the conty. hmm..

Not so nice.ttteetttttttttttttttttttt... after he left, the dj describe a bit about Maher. he didnt seem to know him. " spiritual singer from Lebanon" . Hello....Maher Zain is an RnB , pop, soul singer thank u. And he is of Swedish nationality, Lebanese origin..He moved to Sweden when he was 8!...i think they must've thought that Maher is one of the Arabic nasheed singer. Nope. He had been workin with the RedOne in NYC ( music producer) , which working with huge star like AKON , LADY GAGA,KATdeLUNA ,before he signed in Awakening Records! He even used to rap also.He's a singer with a great talent! and his music is modern, the lyrics are islamic and of simple simple english ( a 5 year old can sing it) and most important, it touches millions hearts of others when they 1st hear his song. See his fan on facebook. Half a million in a short time. And he became popular on facebook ( among malaysian via MZMFC), very rapildy! He got the aura. He's really somethin.. And we love him coz he loves ALLAH & RASULULLAH s.a.w..His lyrics are sincerely written, he sings from the heart and that, i think made him speacial to us, fans..( ive gone emotional LOL)..

When everyone had dealt with Maher to interview him, Hot.fm baru nak terhegeh-hegeh interview Maher..haish..I heard also, after that, hot.fm which has neva roll his songs ( i was told by reading a post on MZMFC,) rolls his song on air..hmm pe la HOT...wat malu aku jek...( i dont listen to HOT.fm tho, just HITZ.fm & Fly.fm hehe~ but i listen to Maher all the time like a drug lol)

SEE, he's really somethin. org xbape kenal dy jadi kenal..dari x popular jd HOT! Allah akn permudah jalan org yg nak sampai kan good messeges about HIS DEEN..

there'll be part 4

MAHER ZAIN IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Part 2)

As we all know, according to his schedule, Maher will be interviewed LIVE on TV3 in morning show, called MHI ( Malaysia Hari Ini / Malaysia Today ) on OCT 6th 2010.

So that morning, i woke up early tho i slept like 3 am in the morning. i woke up like 7.45am.. ehemm ehem..so i waited and waited till it was the slot with Maher Zain.

At 8.45 am, ( the show is from 8-9 am), the presenter, Abby Farhana said , " unfortunately, Maher Zain got stucked in the traffic, and he couldnt make  it to the interview.. " i was like so cuak, really, i swear, i was so like, "is she kidding me???..no plz, i hope there'll be a miracle, or maybe she's acting" .coz i had instinct that he would be there in the interview tho how late he is.She also said she brought his CD, poster, and camera especially for the presence of Maher at Media Prima. But guess what? My prayer he would come was answered LOL..he made it to the studio. He was late, like 10 mins  before the show ended..he was late but he made it! Alhamdulillah..and the presenter, Wardina Saffiyah was really excited when Maher Zain made it to the studio and they welcomed him excitedly. Very warm welcome i think. i'll let u see the video i got from u-tube. =)

EVERYBODY is excited to see Maher lol. i think i'd be like Wardina Safiyyah too or worse, speechless if i get to meet him face to face like that.

here it is..u can see it's funny . Maher hadnt take a seat yet, Wardina had already asked him question lol

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Finally, after we malaysian fans posted many many posts "nagging" MAHER to come and perform in Malaysia, he finally will be performing here!( not because we nagged, his showcase is arranged to malaysia, of course) plus, malaysia shows the highest fan chart in his visitor traffic on FACEBOOK =) NICE.....Above is is the poster of his showcase.

Taking this poster from MZMFC i welcome MAHER ZAIN to my country. We, MALAYSIAN love u Maher!

He is in MALAYSIA from Oct 4th till the dates of his showcase oct 16th 2010. Here is his schedule while he is in Malaysia.

the sad part is, i cant attend any of those events that could make me see Maher zain face to face...so sad..i really adore this singer. Different than the others.  ISLAMIC + Modern music. His genre is RNB & soul. the lyrics are islamic. Tell me where do we find another singer like him???? He's one of a kind. His songs touch my heart the 1st time i heard them. MashaAllah!

Tickets for this Save The Soul Showcase have been SOLD OUT even before he arrived in Malaysia!

this is his profile pic on facebook now. note the  MALAY line on it?  =) weeee~

OH, and on oct 2nd, he arrived in Brunei. to meet his Bruneian Fans at PLAZA ATHIRAH. He recorded one video saying thanks to Bruneian who had attended his show at Plaza Athirah, who was there eventhough it started raining! they had to stand 2, 3 hours to watch him coz it was like a lorong with a tent, so no seats, but MashaAllah, many people came to watch him sing. so NICE!!


He arrived at KLIA at 3.45pm Oct 4th 2010. Disambut oleh ramai org . ade la 100++...hmm yg byk nye kot from MZMFC ( Maher Zain Malaysian Fan Club) , who held the posters+banner and came for his arrival here. ADMIN MZMFC, supporters. Syok korg ea, siap kene interview lagi ngan tv9....jelez!!!!!!

for those who cant make it to his showcase on OCT 14th & 15th [ like me =(... ], berita tv9 ada siarkan ketibaaan MZ, and aku pon tgk la mlm tadi... berita tv9 kate, Showcase maher zain yg kat AUDITORIUM MBSA Shah Alam tu, akan dirakam, dan disiarkan kat TV9 pd raye AidilAdha nanti. TV9 jadi penyiar rasmi konsert dy kat sini. Dgr citer, penganjur xizin penonton wat rakaman, so tgk kat TV9 je nant yer..Also they said somethin about 30 mins with maher zain. i didnt really paid attention coz i was attaracted to see maher! hehe~ i dono whether it's gonna be aired on tv or just for the lucky fans only.

to be continued...a lot to say..too little time. i'll update lil by lil

pictures of his arrival at KL international Airport ,KLIA Sepang on Oct 4th, 2010. 3:45pm...

I DO NOT OWN THESE PICS. EVERYTHING dari IHSAN peminat MZ on facebook.

lovely smile always

he was given the SAVE THE SOUL vest

comel la

His arrival was received, celebrated & " flooded" by MZMFC admins, and supporters .Mmm let me mention a few names i think, i know some, Fairuz al-Jengkari, Firuz Akhtar, Kak rohana, fadz ( those whom i recognize). Siap wat poster soh Maher Zain sign..Waa i wish i was there too..got to meet people that made Maher Zain Malaysian Fan Club a succes, coz all this while we have been communicating & connecting on facebook je kan3?? Nice eh?

this is the poster i was talkin bout...oh sweet!

ALSO, this was when MZMFC admins had their first meeting! =)

they r on one table ...yeahh
For those who are also MZ's fan, but havent join our club yet click here to join MAHER ZAIN MALAYSIA FAN CLUB (MZMFC) , together, lets spread the messages, share the excitement =) yay!

Bukan tu je, dah jemput Maher, they got interviewed by the press too! Media Prima Press ( i saw TV3 & TV9 ) bertuah badan yer. nie yg buat aku makin jelezzz. bertambah-tambah la jelez aku kat korg huhuk..sob3 sedih pon ade..

im so jealous!!!

 Here are some of the people that have been in belakang tabir MZMFC all this while ..

while waiting..takin pix..=)
admin ; akhi Fairuz with in-team bros i think..
Serbu Maher !! ATTACK!! LOL..i want ur autograph too!!!! and lots of pix...=(

there he comes!!!

the poster is being signed! sweeettt..

takin pic...posters being singed. how i wish i was there....

He met his fans & supporters. He likes MALAYSIA =) . long awaited he said..but hey, we love him tooooo!!!!!..he said "this is the first time, and InsyaAllah, definately not the last time I visit Malaysia". He'll be back! wohoo!! and he sings Barakallah with them all lol. so sweet. He was so humble , down to earth singer. i was told ; by a post on MZMFC page on FB, ( who was in KLIA) , a fan said..

Fan Maher , u r very handsome..
Maher Zain  : Alhamdulillah ..

MashaAllah, such a humble polite, pleasant, person he is..Subhanallah..

group pic!! come come!! ( i wasnt even there.. sob3)

to be continued..

 press + fan =)

to be continued

leavin the airport

After Maher Zain left the airport, coincidently, our Malaysian astronout, Datuk DR. Sheikh Muzaffar Shukor Al-Masrie arrived from somewhere. Budak2 MZMFC ape lagi, bergambar sakan...group pic!!! geram nye aku...haish kejelesan bertambah-tambah..

amboi3 korang...2 in 1 yer...bertuah..bertuah..huhu

there'll be part 2..comin soon~