Sunday, September 30, 2012

how about our first LOVE?

kalau  cinta Allah kita xdapat, mcm mana nak dapat cinta hamba2 DIA yg soleh, solehah tuuuuuu
 yep.. so if we feel sad, alone, pathethic (can i say that? lol ) or anythin like these, remember our first love

 ..have we satisfied our first love wills and commands? if we cant even fulfilled Allah's injunctions and get ourselves showered with HIS great love, blessings and mercy ,then how do we expect to have the love of HIS  creations ?

why chase and beg for the love that isnt certain ,when we have the ETERNAL LOVE watching and guiding us all along through all this time? have we thank HIM? have we reciprocate that love??

get hold firmly to Allah's love, HE will direct us to the ones we deserve ..XOXO

Sunday, September 23, 2012

my mistake.lesson learnt.

i bought this from FOREVER 21 last Friday and been wearing it ( rasa nak ber-eksesori tetiba).. and  suddenly my friend told me it's related to Freemason thingy! and it's haraam????? i ignored it coz she usually blurt out random stuff haha.... im torn now  ..i bought it coz it's cute, and vintage..something i like coz it's round and looks nice on me neck... my intention is just to wear this cute necklace coz to me, it looks good on , and it's just an OWL! for crying out loud!  but apemende plak kaitan ngn Freemason nyerrr

i did some googling and again im torn. Muslims are not supposed to wear animal or any other creatures  that posess RUH this very owl... aigooo! i relly like it! why lar it's not a rose! why do u have to be an owl! i relly relly like this!

and plus ya, it's kinda related to Freemason .. it's symbol or sth..but owl with one extra eye.. my intention is nothing like this and when i bought it, i didnt know at all.. so i guess hmmm =( .... i stop wearing this little cutie necklace larr

screenshot from a source..outa many sources i googled.

and i read solat is valid with it, but we're sinned wearing it coz look what stated above..