Friday, January 22, 2016

Bridesmaid Part II

as you all have read from my previous post ( if u have hehe) that i had to"reject" my friend's offer to be her bridesmaid because i literally was in financial distress and she was nowhere near from being an understanding friend. i decided not to go to the wedding and, the bridesmaid task was cancelled although i had got the bridesmaid dress ready  and bought the shawl to match.

my other friend was going. she was determined to be a bridesmaid. she was our representative ( they are 5 of us) and only her could move on with the plan.

unfortunately, that week, there was a landslide incident on the highway road that leads to K _______ where the wedding was. the road was closed and informed to be dangerous for road users to pass. alternative paths  were suggested to reach their intended destinations, however, the bus trip that B was on, was cancelled.

all of us missed her wedding. i felt bad that i couldnt come. but i could imagine how sad B was because she really wanted to attend the wedding and be a bridesmaid.

i admit  everything happens for a reason.

there was a reason behind all my cranky-fiasco and my reluctance to go through with the plan from the beginning. that was it.

im happy that A's wedding was a dream came true. 

on the 6th of December 2015, another friend of mine got married.

and i was swamped with assignments and it was impossible for me to go back to Pahang and attend her wedding. it was sad. 

both of them had a beautiful wedding. ive seen it on instagram.

i cant wait for my big day, and my prince to come and find me. 

haihh hehe... im 25 and yes, i do want my happy ending...craving for it!! wish me luck all. keep me in your duas. thanks :)