Friday, December 30, 2011

If Allah is all you've got, then you've got all you need

“Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” [The Quran, 40:60]
Allah has helped me when i was in my tears. Now, i ask Allah to strengthen my heart with his LOVE. No more tears shed for someone who's not gonna be mine. I feel calmer now.
i 'll tell how Allah has helped me.. When i found out he's engaged, i relly wanted to know, eagerly wanted to know who that woman is. One that gets to spend the rest of her life with him. 
So, at first, none. no clue.
But then, i found new added friends on his wall, 6 of them. He told me her first name back then when i asked. There was one girl, with that name (not sure whats the last name) ,in the new added friends list,So i guess that was my first clue. that was the woman! aha!
I googled that name, i got her university! (^_^)
when i googled the University, guess what? Yes! that is the woman! He told me what she's studying....the department, the course... All matched!
Then, of corz i wanted to see how she looks like right? ya what else, i googled the image. And voila! 2 pics of her .... I saw her since april, but i waited until december to make sure! 
Bcoz, they are a bit "shy" to communicate on walls i guess. Nothing much going on. i cant do the "spying" job that well back then. 
Then, in december was his birthday, yep, she wrote on the wall with "i luv u" signiture. I mean none has wrote THAT word freely on his wall. That was the 1st time i saw someone did.    
And thank god, she changes the profile pic from time to time, FINALLY!  I SAW HOW SHE LOOKS LIKE! ( of corz i had to wait for some time).. Sometimes Allah whispers to me to check it LOL... thats how it happened.
Do u know how amazing i feel when i found out that the anonymous girl i been googling all this while is relly her?! i mean i thought, u know, it could be anyone with that name, there are billions of people in this planet! hello... gazillion! and i found that one person, exactly the person im lookin for just by googling?!
What dissapointed me is, i dono why he lied about she wearing the hijab, she doesnt. 
when she put up her profile pic, or the ones that ive googled online, none of them is with Hijab. =( ..Everybody can see her hair ( for MUSLIMS readers, they'll understand)... He answered "ya" when i asked him about she wearing Hijab. 
Was there that i realised, that maybe he was putting a "mask" when i was falling for him. That "mask" is the mask of my dream guy. That was how i fell for him. He is such a knowledgable person, knows whats halal n haram, but when i saw his fiancee, what he taught n said to me, i guess that was ALL "SCRIPTED"! 
Covering the aurah in Islam is obligatory, and he knows that very very well... when i look at all the truth that has been revealed to me by ALLAH, he's not worth my tears. He' s not the "dream guy" i thought ive found. He has the knowledge,yea he's a brilliant guy.. but he doesnt relly practise it i guess. He'll be her husband soon, he's smart, i think he knows what to say n do.
So, from what ive experienced, moral of the story, (^_^) 
With Allah's help, everything revealed itself one after another.. One way of Allah "wiping"  my HE's saying to me, "ok dont cry, i'll show u who she is "  =) (sth like that)
I dont need the CIA! LOL i just need Mr. Google and Allah's help of course. IF i google that name now, the 2 pics i saw earlier this year,  are not there anymore. See the miracle??? 
Allah will help u when ur in need, sad, when u think everybody is against u ,betrayed, and u got no one, u feel alone, Allah is always there,  watching u, guiding ur way...taking care of u..all u have to do is ASK. 
Make dua. Allah is listening 24/7 ... 
REMEMBER ;  The heavier the burden placed on you by Allah the more strength HE will give you to carry them... Alhamdulilah 
And i hope, those with broken hearts lol i guess i cud say that,here's a piece of advice ;   "The Only One guaranteed not to break your heart   is the One who made it." 
Allah is our first true ♥ when u lose ur way, to ALLAH u shud turn, as HE promised, HE'll always be there. You can always cry, and ask for help, for HE is the loving and most merciful.