Friday, December 24, 2010

Maher Zain is coming back to malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so glad hearin this news actually. but sad at the same time. He'll be coming to Malaysia again for a bigger tour n concert . i cant attend it .. coz at that time, i'll be sitting for the final!

so sad!.... i want to go... when i was so free, got no school to attend to before, i couldnt attend the concert coz it was held in KL. and its far far...and the ticket is like SOLD OUT very quickly before he even arrive here...and this time, in February ( that was the desas desus) he'll be coming to state by state..but ikut bhgian la. mcm Pantai timur, he'll be in in Pahang what....=(... and now livin in hostel...cannot go...Allah help me..i want to meet this extraordinary singer!

to add, there was an announcement right, that the showcase in Shah Alam would be aired on tv9 on previous Eid Adha....well guess what? . i bought a ticket on the 16th... The Eid was on 17th....and also the showcase aired on tv...where was i on the 17th????? IN THE CAR! ON THE WAY TO MY DAD'S HOMETOWN! thats not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i been waiting to see the showcase for i didnt get to watch it LIVE in shah alam or even attend the MEET & GREET session, why why why!!!!!!