Thursday, January 31, 2013

i can drive now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha ! so excited..  ive completed my P license in 12 days!!! shy's finished when im 22, old oredy =P

i passed alhamdulillah =) . JPJ test yesterday..

i dont wanna be a despondent girl who cant drive.

this driving license journey had been dramatic *i exaggerate a bit ahaha*

i shud start in 2008, but had to join PLKN so it got delayed.

i went to matrics in dad drives me as usual.

i went to CFS iium no time for driving license..

oh, my left foot sole infected with plantar wart at the end of my CFS IIUM year (2011) holiday, so cannot pursue driving license..i couldn't even walk properly, let alone pressing the clutch.. it was really really hard to walk, cant put pressure at all on that foot, imagined how i walked! i limped!!  looked so cacat ='(   had to go hospital several times for a series of cryotherapy ( very cold gas that kills plantar wart), and use salicylic acid oitment, and by the time i enrolled IIUM GOMBAK, i could walk normally again =)

had to renew L license several times coz i only have the time allocated for driving during sememster the beginning of 2012, i went for L license class and  got it, but the driving instructor followed no timetable, not committed , and wasted my 3 months hols reserved to complete my driving license, i changed my driving school.

although my new driving instructor sleeps while teaching, and always late at the beginning, he taught me well la kot, thats the hikmah...he never shouted at me, nor got angry ( cos he's always asleep i guess hahaha), never cancelled the class like my previous instructor..overall ok la i guess. the process sped up, not like the previous one. i reserved 3 months, my last driving instructor  wasted it. new instructor was given 3 weeks, and the license is complete!!

18 jan - learnt to park
19 jan  - drove on road

21 jan - bukit and drove on road
22 jan - parking and bukit emphasis lol
23 jan - qualification test (18/20) - yesss! my driving doesn't kill other road users!! lol

27 jan - practice on the road with my dad! he taught me to potong lorries. i had fun!he got scared lol

29 jan- practice for JPJ test
30 jan - JPJ test and passed =)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


 time is gold.. time is money..many expressions have been umm " developed" to show how precious time is right?

it is indeed precious. we cant turn back time not even a second!!

and as a university student, now i know how to value time better than before actually. im more mindful about da time now compared to before. and i get agitated when PEOPLE make me waste a minute of it!

well, actually im writing because it happened like everyday, to me, now that im resuming my driving license yg xsiap2 tuh.... i started yesterday. and today..

yesterday should start at 3pm. it finally started somewhere around 4.10 pm. so undisciplined ass driving instructor! i hate him!

he said after the Friday prayer, he took a nap and he planned to fetch me at the hospital (coz they dont fetch at home -it's far from the driving school- hospital is nearer) at 2.30pm... it was raining.. and i understand if the lesson couldn't go on.

but what made me really agitated was that, he wasn't mindful of the time, gave petty excuses that pissed me off, and didn't answer calls and didn't reply messages. I NEEDED TO COMMUNICATE TO MAKE THINGS EASY YA KNOW! errrr stupid! at least tell if he was gonna be a bit late like "i'll be half an hour late. sorry" that would do. some RUDE driving instructor he is! god im so angry!

and today, supposedly i was fetched from the hospital, at 4pm ,just like we dealt during registration. but the clerk from driving school called and asked my dad to send me to the track where they teach to drive. i mean, deal is deal right. Fine lar,lets not make a big deal outa it. today is Saturday, my dad is on leave, how about next Monday and Tuesday? he's working la *******!!!!!!! erghhhhhhhh!! what a stupid system. IF THIS IS HOW MALAYS WORK, you're not gonna go far man! just tellin.. not punctual, and he didn't even apologize or anything. rude so rude.. me and my dad had to look for him! when we found him he was eating, didn't bother to greet or i dono shake hands and give salam to my dad... gosh some ppl are born to be rude or what?

when i asked " supposedly at 4 right?" he answered "ya" i reply " what's the time now?" he said " it's normal..cant always be on time..had other things to do" .

what the............ i mean couldn't he settled whatever he wanted to settle before 4pm?! god this creature annoys me everyday! and one more thing, he always sleeps when he teaches me ya. no bluff it's true. no use paying such people right. useless.

yesterday i learnt to park, today i drove on the road. i liked it. but i feel like slapping his face bcoz he slept when i was driving. he was supposed to show me route A,B,C for the test..but he slept. i dono whether he had shown the the right routes for the JPJ did u think that made me feel!

does it hurt to be courteous and mindful of the time??? does it?! my dad paid u, so teach la!

ppl say u cant have it all YOUR way. well if this is the way, i really have to stand up for it right?

oh, i changed my driving school from ELIT to PMC (kuantan) because the former driving instructor wasnt commited. he didnt follow the schedule and i kinda had limited time to complete my license as i only have the chance to learn driving during my semester break . and i have passed one short sem for it. i need to speed it up. prior to non committed driving instructor that i changed my driving school. i thought it would get better. it turns out to be WORSE! WORSE!! a lot worse.

my former instructor was a lot a lot puctual though he didnt prepare me a schedule ( that was wat i hate). and he informed a day before.. if he says at 10 am. at 10.02am he's at the gate already.
he teaches me well
he's a lot cleaner
his car is newer
he's courteous and friendly
he fecth me from home, then send me back

this new instructor, to me is a pighead!

old car - its red. red is ugly now lol
not punctual. one hour late!
not clean
sleep while teaching ( i dono how u hold on to ur job really)
dont fetch nor send home
doesnt reply texts on whereabouts and doesnt pickup calls.


god i hate him. i just want to get my license done, cant stand seeing his face anymore.and i pity my dad, his work is interrupted coz of this rude pig.