Monday, July 23, 2012

Allah's picturing it for us here and there...

salam ramadhan ! alhamdulillah i get to meet Ramadhan again this year =) . Holy Month full of barakah and mercy from Allah. weeeeeeeeee! i love this month coz i get to make wishes on the last 10 nites and they insyaAllah will come true...Hopefully i get to stay up on Lailatul Qadr insyaallah.

im sharing what i think is interesting from what ive watched just now.  there are various infomative 30 mins Ramadhan documentary aired during this month usually for our time pass before iftaar so ..i just watched one lol

umm it's related to my favourite Surah also haha..Al-Waqiah.

it's involving ayat 27-29 ..

27. The Companions of the Right Hand,- what will be the Companions of the Right Hand?
28. (They will be) among Lote-trees without thorns,
29. Among Talh trees with flowers (or fruits) piled one above another,-

we see here,there are  2 trees mentioned. As-sidr and Talhah..i learnt just now that they are located at Jabbal Marra Dhafur, in Republic Sudan.

and Talhah is believed to be the cure for Adam's and Hawa's pain when they were thrown to Earth after eating the forbidden fruit, Quldi. ( they got diarrhea after eating the fruit according the documentary) . what confuse me all of a sudden is , Adam and Hawa were separated till they meet again at Jabal Rahmah...maybe i didnt pay much attention to the whole thing ..check balik..

just illustration- i cant find the pix for these trees haha
just wana highlight here , that these 2 trees are probably the trees in the Quran, are believed to be the trees found in Sudan.  In quran also they are mentioned to be close to one another, and from what ive watched just nowe, they do grow not far from one another..

 Sidr is the shady tree that gives shelter for the People of the right ( people of Paradise) and Talhah is the thorny one...

and both can be found here on Earth.. i think it's interesting that Allah gives us the "flash' of Paradise here and there..Just like The Nile is said to be connected to the rivers of Paradise..


lets better our knowledge in this beautiful religion of Allah to attain His Jannah..the more we learn abt HIS deen, the more reward we're step we try to get closer to ALLAH , a thousand steps Allah is closer to us.. we see Allah's worldly creation. and they fascinate us greatly. imagine HIS Jannah creations!! unimaginable..