Sunday, April 24, 2011

There's this Turkish Drama,'s amazing ASK-I MEMNU

ive never seen anything like it . it  made me realize i like tragedy better than happy ending *sounds weird* .it's worth watching i mean. happy ending is too mainstream right ... it really gets into me. i cried and watched it over n over n over ..

info and synopsis : 

Aşk-ı Memnu 
Language : Ottoman Turkish for "The Forbidden Love"
Originally ,is a Turkish romantic novel by Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil
It was first serialized in 1899 and 1900 in Servet-i Fünun, a leading Turkish literary magazine of the time.

Ask i memnu set in modern days. tv series 2008-2010

Aşk-ı Memnu takes place in late 19th-century Istanbul. Firdevs is a middle-aged widow with an infamous reputation for belonging to a morally corrupt family, nicknamed as "Melih Bey's Lot". As the novel begins, Firdevs is planning to marry Adnan, a wealthy middle-aged widower. However, Adnan asks for Bihter, Firdevs' 25-year-old daughter, for marriage. Adnan and Bihter are soon married. Bihter soon gets into conflict with Nihal (Adnan's 17-year-old daughter by his earlier marriage), Mademoiselle de Courton (an old French lady who serves as governess to Adnan's two children, Nihal and Bülent) and the house servants. Bihter is eventually seduced by Behlül, her husband's young nephew who is really handsome. Bihter and Behlül's secret relationship continues for one year, until the young man tries to fall in love with Nihal. He begins to fall in love with Nihal but Bihter is still on his mind. Behlül and Nihal prepare for marriage. Bihter is now obsessed with her betrayed love for Behlül. Beşir, a young house servant of Ethiopian descent, knew about Bihter and Behlul's relationship all along and as he is dying he reveals to Adnan the secret of Bihter and Behlül's adulterous relationship.Firdevs escapes from the house as she knows the coming events won't be very good. Meanwhile, a desperate Bihter shoots herself with a gun. Behlül leaves the house. Adnan and Nihal try to recover from this disastrous experience while Behul goes away but first he confesses his love to Bither even after she's dead. Beşir dies.

i read a blog and someone said exactly what i thought about the really hurts when u see Bihter cries..u can really feel the pain. She bears all of it alone. Behlul turns away from her  >>>> 
I really love this show. My heart is broken everytime I see Bihter looking Behlul and telling him with her eyes I love you. He doesn't understand that she truely loves him... she loves him so much. I understand her pain... when she's pregnant and they have a huge fight, when he tells her she's just like her mother.. he kills her with that words.. that's why she goes back to Adnan. She fell like she lost Behlul forever, so she return just to be near Behlul. Just to see him everyday. I would react the same she did. I would tell Behlul the same things she said to him, just to hurt him, to get some emotions from him. She just wanted to be loved by him. But he's a coward. He really is. I hate him:) ... Bihter is the only person, who really suffered all her marriage, being in love with someone she isn't allowed to love... All the pain she's feeling inside is too much for her. She's broken into pieces. Her heart is dying... her only love is leaving her... she doesn't commit suicide because of shame. She's proud she loved someone so much in her life. But she can't stand the pain. She can't stand the knowledge that Belhul came to her at the last episode, just to convince her to not tell Adnan about them.. that kills her. She doesn't kill herself... Behlul kills her.

to me, yes Bihter has cheated her husband and comitted adultery and all with Adnan's nephew, whom he calls son.. But that wasnt not what Bihter wanted. Behlul was the one who started all this. He dragged her to this forbidden love, then leaves her. This all happens coz Behlul is such a coward to admit that he really loves Bihter.Bihter knows this love is impossible and forbidden, but she knows he loves her n she loves him too. That makes her so stubborn all the way.She wants what she wants..
she is strong. But not always...She's a woman..

She doesnt get it, she lost, at the end, she shoot herself.Behlul's cowardness had killed Bihter .Also, at the end, we see Behlul cries at Bihter's grave telling her how much he loved her, when it's all to late.Bihter bears all the pain by herself and imagine, she cant tell nobody,but her anne.But Firdevs doesnt think she should be with Behlul at all and made Behlul fall for Nihal instead.. 

"Baba bak!" Engagement. Nihal ve Behlul

Watching Beren Saat plays Bihter is impressive coz i can really see the betrayal and the pain this "Bihter" is going through. She's a strong woman.

Adnan: Father
Bihter: Adnan's wife
Nihal&Bulent: Adnan's children
Behlul: Adnan's nephew
Mademoiselle/deniz: adnan's children nanny
Elif: Behlul's girlfriend/ soon, ex fiancee
Firdevs: Bihter's mother.
Peyker: Bihter's sister & Behlul's ex.
Besir, Cemile, Nesrin, Sayeste & Suleyman: Servants of the house.
Katya: Firdevs' servant
Nihat: Peyker's husband.

Nihal & Bihter had the classic stepmom-stepdaughter crisis at first...

Everything was OK till honorless Behlul somehow stole her heart.
I had migrain watching this for the first time 10 episodes in a row...60s to 70s (sad part starts). Full of emotions .

last time she saw Peyker...

He didnt wanna leave Nihal and run away with her.

After bidding farewell to Behlul before he gets married to Nihal in episode 79...

gosh! What was killing me was, Bihter n Behlul loved each other, but IT'S FORBIDDEN!  they cant be together! See, im emotional too. Then there was tears, betrayal, they got back together, they hated each other. OMG...Lastly, it was tragic....

He loves the wrong woman. She loves the wrong man.

Bihter is not an indecent woman, but an unfortunate one.
Adnan loves Bihter.
Nihal loves Behlul.
Besir loves Nihal.
Cemile loves Besir.
Behlul loves Bihter
Bihter loves Behlul.
Mademoiselle loves Adnan.
Elif loved Behlul
Peyker loved Behlul.
Nihat loves Peyker.
Firdevs loves money.
Bulent loves everybody.
Everybody loves Bulent
 I feel her pain.. mostly coz Beren makes Bihter "alive" in this scene. love it. it was sad tho. watching her break down.

keeping it together

still keeping it together

burst into tears

her agony

lost her control

she's helpless.


coward always..

it hurts when u know the one u love feels the same but he's too stupid to act right...tears says it all

i cant get enough of this drama im addicted its good! But only can watch on internet connection is acting up! frustrated..! Wish it was on TV3 =( 

that was in 2011  , now 2013, there's a channel on youtube translating the whole episode in english..

Hello. it's 2015 now, the page which translates this series in English has been shut down due to copyright issues i guess. i checked their FB and YOUTUBE CHANNEL. it is gone. it is such a disappointment because i LOVE Turkish soaps ,they are amazing, sometimes better than Hollywood series, unfortunately not many are translated into English , however, when some people do upload this amazing series with English subs, it has been taken down or removed.... i did scroll for other recommended Turkish soap, i can find MUHTESEM YUZYIL (many episodes available in English), EZEL (full English subbed) but not ASK I MEMNU.. im so frustrated. i'll keep looking. i hope there will be English subbed for full episodes of ASK I MEMNU available online. if any of you fans of this series, found the full episodes English subbed please share it with me. the series has ended years ago, but im still looking and hope to watch all episodes in English very badly...