Thursday, May 9, 2013


im sure all are aware of our 13th General Election on May 5th .. and issues exploded on the internet.. the videos , corruptions proofs, the blackouts, the inks....the foreign illegal voters...

well, i am one of dissatisfied malaysian. i'm ashamed of what happened in the country on the election day. ive seen for myself what actually define democracy in this country. im f-ing dissapointed and humiliated.

foreign news reported surprising fact that malaysia is champion bribery country compared to indonesia, china, hong kong , india ...

australian news exposed the illegal voters and the easily washed -off ink.. im so ashamed . does Malaysian newspapers report all these?? ...NOPE..nothing about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED..only the THINGS 'THEY'  WANT US  TO KNOW ABOUT... not necessarily the truth...

what's reported in our papers.... sad.. alleging one that wins the hearts of Malaysians to be instilling rage and grudge within malaysians just because he didnt get to rule..totally biased report.

as im studying in a uni that composed of international students, i dono where to put my face lar!!!

im taking political science this semester, so i think it really gets me engaged with the issue. nationalism sentiment i have here's really strong now. i feel like democracy in Malaysia is dead, and being stepped on.. it's horrible !!

and by the time i attend my poli sc class, i heard the international student from Uzbekistan (if im not mistaken * he's so handsome, he's my crush hahaha*) he asked one question to fellow classmate  " hows ur election? the result was unexpected right? the prime minister..?' im impressed he pays attention to wats going on in Malaysia *ahh... im melting lol* and the malaysian replied with , i can say, an embarassing face, "not so good" .. haha malu..

i cant believe they reality ive seen on the net. Ya Allah, people receive bribery for voting a particular party. people can really be blinded ,and bought by money huh? wheres your dignity?
who reports what MALAYSIANS ARE TRULY FIGHTING AGAINST?? Foreign newspapers... sad...#singapore #thestraitstimes

one that is not injured won, but the loser is named WINNER..

this GE13 really opened my eyes as a Malaysian  youth.i see everything i need to see. it really boost my patriotism.. i admit, im an irresponsible citizen, im 22. i yet havent register to vote. next term, i'll vote. i promise =)

i flood my Facebook page with eye-opener posts people share regarding the recent General Election. i had no interest to finish my assignment haha..i flood my wall, and people's news feeds of course, and im not sorry LOL (^_^)V peace!

i feel there's a need to share  things, and make every Malaysian knows what is actually happening on 5/5/13 ..

the media, tv and newspapers report biased content and being racist. Ya Allah, please protect and bless our country from further corruption. Malaysia cant be more humiliated than this.

we have an assembly in KELANA JAYA STADIUM on may 8th as a protest of
GE13 result that is believed to be fraudal.. i support it too.

more than 100 K Malaysians came.. and THEY WERE NOT PAID TO COME ok

that's just one state.. in Selangor..imagine if   EVERYBODY came ...

As a Malaysian, i pray for a better leader .. we dont hate anyone, we just hate dirty tricks and filthy politics played just to win the ruling post. the party may have won the "votes", but the one who deserves it, won the heart of MALAYSIANS..whos the real winner now?

so many people are  against the death of Malaysian democracy ...proud of fellow Malaysians! *tears*

the racist headlines on newspapers are so irrelevant . do u see racism in them????
these are truly MALAYSIANS ALRIGHT! the malays, chinese, indians ! not Banglas and other illegal phantom voters! we're MALAYSIANS and we're the ones who are responsible for our country's fate, not foreign people..
Malaysian General Election 13 on 5/5/13 was really different one i should say. besides all the eye opener stuff that happened and saw by fellow Malaysians, it has instill  strong patriotism in ME. i didnt even care back then about Malaysian politics. not at all lol

but this time it's different! and i'll be proud to tell my coming generation *insyaAllah* what the election has brought Malaysians into . SOLIDARITY.

i almost teared reading a post on yesterday's assembly. Malays, Chinese, Indians become's like 1957 again!!!!  waaaa!!

the picture tells it all.

we're Malaysians . we love this country. we want clean politics and as a democratic country, we citizens have the right to determine who our leader would be, not some foreign people who obtain IC within a day, and vote  to decide the future of our country with us.we're still here ok! .. their votes are highly valued, they're even paid to cast votes, while pure Malaysian votes could be invalid or sidelined..

Here you go.. Headline in MALAYSIAN NEWSPAPER..only 2000 came to the assembly..hmm..if u wanna lie, lie convincingly la....what do u think WE MALAYSIAN ARE STUPID ?!! we know by lookin at the crowd only please la please! ayyo..

on TV3.local tv station report...seriously?? messed up when counting the votes.. messed up counting the crowd also huh???
despite the rain and traffic jam... please report the reality ok!

as for myself, after the biased headlines bashing the Chinese on local prominent newspapers, i feel the solidarity with fellow malaysians are stronger than before. maybe im a woman, im emotional a bit , i dono la..

when i came out of kiosk, and i saw chinese youths selling prepaid deals or sth to the students, i feel pity, maybe.... to them ... i tell to myself. aku monolog lar sorang2 huhu...
"pity you, you're malaysian too, i dont like the way the media  bash you like that in newspapers"' ... yeah maybe im emotional ....or maybe, it's JUST the  MALAYSIAN in ME!

I  see on u-tube , uploaders who attended the assembly posted videos of those who came, singing our National Anthem "NEGARAKU" .so proud everyone singing after that, they shout UBAH! UBAH! UBAH!

i feel sebak a bit, thinking  how far we've become from 1957, developments done, multicultural environment of Malaysia... it's not ruined, it became's like we hold each others' hands, together, reviving the dying  democracy of Malaysia. :'(

 i think that's the HIKMAH that Allah wants to show us.. maybe we dont cherish our multicultural environment that much before, ... we take it for granted .and to make ignorant youth of politics like me aware of whats going on in my homeland hehe... Allah revealed things we NEEDED to see in the GE13, so all Malaysians are reminded of what makes Malaysia, MALAYSIA .

see us all united..who's da real racist???

we should make history our lesson. remember 13 May 1969?? nauzubillah....never let anything like that happen again to us... im glad to see all Malaysian united, and fight against injustice.. if someone called it's CHINESE TSUNAMI, we've prove him wrong.. it's MALAYSIAN TSUNAMI!! take note.

personally, i feel the solidarity of Malaysians before this is  subtle ..but after GE13, i see it very CLEARLY and IM PROUD! after all, we ARE MALAYSIANS! =)


#copypaste .something from FB regarding the KELANA JAYA assembly that moved me ..

Perhimpuan Rakyat 508 ini telah melahirkan “suasana harmoni” yang jarang kita temui pada hari-hari biasa. Ini termasuk:

1. Lebuh raya kononnya telah bertukar menjadi tempat parking sementara! Kebanyakan mereka yang berada dalam kereta adalah berpakaian baju hitam. “traffic jam” yang sepanjang 7km tidak mencetuskan kemarahan sebaliknya menyalakan semangat setiap orang untuk menyambut “perhimpunan 508” dengan cara tersendiri: bersama-sama membunyikan hon kereta bagi menandakan ketidakpusan terhadap penipuan dalam PRU-13! (besok pagi 9 Mei pasti pelbagai media kawalan-BN akan melemparkan isu traffic jam telah menyusahkan rakyat!)

2. Adajuga yang sekaligus mematikan enjin kereta dan terus menyambut perhimpunan bersama pengguna lebuhraya yang lain dengan menyorak slogan “Ubah”, umpamanya perhimpunan-pemandu rakyat 508 yang teristimewa!

3. Ada juga golongan sanggup meletakkan kenderaan pada lokasi yang berjarak sejauh 4-5 km dari Stadium Kelana Jaya dan berjalan kaki ke stadium. Pernahkah anda bayangkan sekiranya kita sanggup berjalan kaki sejauh ini semata-mata untuk tujuan yang mulia ini?

4. Kelihatan “Troop/Batalion Baju Hitam” yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum berjalan menuju ke arah sama, Stadium Kelana Jaya, dan yang terpenting ialah dengan matlamat yang sama. Mereka berborak dan bersembang antara satu sama lain walaupun tidak berkenalan antara satu sama lain.

5. Perhimpunan ini dihadiri pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dan kaum: disertai sekeluarga Melayu hinggalah sekumpulan kawan-kawan Cina dan India. Bayangkan, suasana harmoni sedemikian dapat kita lihat pada hari-hari biasa?

6. Ada pula Melayu yang memegang banner DAP sementara orang Cina pula memegang panji-panji PAS. Pemikiran dan taktik Barisan National yang suka berpaut kepada isu-isu perkauman nampaknya sudah jauh ketinggalan zaman dan tidak disenangi rakyat. Yang menarik sekali, ialah seorang nenek Cina yang memegang panji Parti Keadilan turut dipuji oleh pemuda Melayu: “AH Mah (nenek dalam bahasa Cina), u ho-liao ah (awak best lah)”!

7. Berlaku juga insiden yang memberansangkan semangat keharmonian antara kaum (happen to I was there too). Enjin kereta seorang pemandu Cina didapati telah kehabisan minyak akibat traffic jam yang tak berkehabisan. Dalam keadaan binggung, dia meminta pertolongan seorang penunggang motosikal Melayu untuk menumpangnya ke Stesen minyak (untuk membeli petro kereta). Pada ketika Cina tu menawarkan tambang RM20 sebagai tanda terima kasih, penunggang Melayu tu terus menolak pemberian ini dengan berbalas: “Tak Payah Bayarlah Kan Kita orang Malaysia". Saya benar-terharu apabila saya terdengar perbualan mereka! Super kagum!”.

8. Satu lagi insiden kaharmonian: pada ketika enjin kereta seorang wanita Melayu menjadi panas akibat kekurangan air dalam radiator, seorang pemuda Cina telah menghulurkan bantuan mekanik. Dia meminta teman wanitanya mengeluarkan semua air mineral yang mereka ada untuk mengisikan radiator kereta akak Melayu tersebut. Wanita Melayu berbalas: "Terima Kasih ah!" . Terharu kan!

9. Semua orang yang berada di luar stadium memberi tepukan yang gemuruh ketika ketibaan pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat tanpa mengira bangsa. Inilah sikap pimpinan yang tidak berpaut kepada najis perkauman! Semasa En. Lim Kit Siang berjalan merentasi himpunan penyokong, terdengar pula bisikan seorang pemuda Melayu:“ini uncle lim hebat ah! dapat hamdam AbdulGani Kuat kuat! bagus ah!”! Ooi! Syoknya saya nampaknya Uncle Lim juga ada peminat Melayu!

10. Ketika bersurainya Perhimpunan Rakyat 508, semua penyokong PR dan demokrasi meninggalkan Stadium secara berdisiplin dan teratur tanpa menimbulkan pergaduhan. Hanya kedengaran..”Minta lalu!”..”Minta maaf”..”Sorry” yang diucap secara sopan. Nampaknya penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dan pencinta demokrasi sebenarnya adalah mereka yang bersopan santun.
Semua ini adalah pengalaman saya semasa menghadiri Perhimpunan Rakyat 508. Saya amat berharap kita dapat mengekalkan dan menghayati suasana harmoni tanpa mengira bangsa dan kaum dalam kehidupan setiap hari dan bukannya hanya dalam Perhimpunan sedemikan.
another one from FB.. #copypaste
 Dear PM Najib Razak ,

I would like to say thank you. Why?

It was due to that your "magic" has once again brought Malaysians as one. Tonight I saw Malaysian flooding in , with or without Chinese . You UMNO-BN says it "Chinese Tsunami" ? I call it MALAYSIAN TSUNAMI.

Friends and family tell me that I shouldn't go , "Got Parang ah" "illegal gathering police catch ah" "later PTPTN cancel ah". But i felt that it's my duty as a MALAYSIAN to go.

DESPITE RAIN , SWEAT and we are all CRAMP up into one small spot while walking into the stadium , We are united as one . I see young men helping older men , young Malay lady communicating with stranger like me whom she never meet before , Malay uncles and aunties who look at me smiling and say "INIKALILAH , TRANSFORMASI" and shook my hands. YOU CALL THAT CHINESE TSUNAMI? TAKE A LOOK AGAIN and I'm sure WE Malaysians that is in that stadium could feel the warmth and pride I'm having right now.

You may have taken billions and billions of our people's money but those money would never could buy the unity of people .I would like to thank you again , for I was once again to feel proud and powerful as a MALAYSIAN , your cronyism made us stronger . Oh ya , I too get to go close up to see our pretty powerhouse , Nurul Izzah Anwar . She's so pretty that it feels like spotlights are shining upon her forehead.

One day , perhaps some of our generations will take your places as politicians but we will remind our self that TODAY 08/05/2013 is the day we truly fought hard for democracy in Malaysia , THE DAY WE CALLED OUR SELF THE DIAMONDS OF MALAYSIA! UBAH! UBAH! UBAH!

Thank you so so much for the experience I had today as it would follow me for the rest of my life

P.S. I'm not a Chinese , I'm a Malaysian .