Friday, July 11, 2014


it is 7 months past 2014 lol ... long time no blog..

i feel a little bit deserted this year. i dono if deserted is the right word. i think it is 'unfortunate' .yeah. lets use that.

actually, im invited to  weddings of a few good friends, and sadly, i think i cannot attend those.

it sort of breaks my heart because these people, are the ones that i went to school with, or lived with (dormmate), and it is not like i live abroad that i cannot come, it is just that i am currently doing short semester ( for Arabic language) and the dates clashes with my short sem schedule!!! it is either near my final exam date or later than my hari raya break!! so sad right!

and know what? when i didnt feel like doing short semesters for the last 3 years, no one gets married!! now that im doing short semester, everybody gets married! haaaaaa ! :'(

they are 4 pairs - and they all pick either in middle of this month, august, and september!! short sem starts 23rd june till august. then we have like 2 weeks break. in September a new long semester starts!

Couple #1 is my dormate when i was in Nilai IIUM CFS. of course i want to go!! but it is held in Kelantan. how am i suppose to go to Kelantan when the date is approaching final exam :(

couple #2  is my schoolmate. i was really really happy when she told us the news in June. i was literally happy as if im the one who's getting married hahahha . over kan?  :P yeah i know.  she's the nicest, she was like a big sister to me. during my secondary school years, i faced the truth about my bff *now i hate that bitch-in my world she's dead* which was really hard to digest, i cried...she was the one who was there for me. listened to me and lifted me up when i was down. i befriended her till today. i remember the first time she talked to me during our orientation week. we were 13, now 23 ..and one of us is getting married.. hmm and i cannot come....

this is so unfair! my schoolmates are going to be there.. it will be like a reunion. When a few of us left for boarding school after PMR or some after SPM, we never get to  meet again , now is the chance, and i, unfortunately cant seize this oppotunity. hate this short sem thingy!! shittttttttttttttttttttt

couple #3 - secondary school sweethearts ( they met when she was 14 and he was 16 and everyone including the teachers were against it bhahahhaha  *hey now they ARE getting married lucky. we thought it wasnt gonna work .

couple #4 the guy was my-sort of maths tutor when i was really bodoh in form 3 maths lol . he taught me, and till today i appreciate his help. i got A ok for the pre-PMR mathematics exam. usually i got B. hahah stupid right ekekeke . he's marrying someone from Brunei. wow! i personally like Brunei people. i think they are better choice than malaysians. Their Islamic Jurisprudence is way better implemented ,and practised than we do in Malaysia. im just being honest yah? and   it's like interracial marriage but not really hahaha.. and the Brunei people are richer than us. so financially, no worry much.

 im gonna miss their wedding because of this petty reason.

i feel like they all are conspiring to get married during my short sem ! they dont want me to come LOL * yeah i sound so self centered, their save- the- date has nothing to do with my life laa. haha

im not that fascinated to go to weddings. i like free delicious food, but to stay long in a wedding reception that is held outdoor is not my cup of tea. i like indoor receptions .. so cozy .ada air cond hahahah

maybe it is not a big deal to some people, but i think it is important to celebrate and be there for those you are close with, and people get married ONCE in a lifetime ( in shaa allah) and as an invited friend, i would like to be present on your wedding day!!! why did u guys pick these dates instead of other dates!!!!! 

so deppressing ok. other friends who doesnt enroll in short sem can attend these weddings! 

orang kata amik berkat datang wedding orang haha..lepas ni maybe turn kau. tp i cant even attend their wedding so xyah nak berkat sangat la kan! hahaha kesian aku.

barakallah everybody. I AM SAD these dates clash with everything.  May Allah bless your marriage, may your love always flourish till Jannah .Ameen. Congratulations to all my friends!