Sunday, February 15, 2015

I love my school!!

im an undergraduate in IIUM.

recently there has been an issue that has grabbed everyone's attention (besides our miserable downgraded wiFI issue) , and those who are in the authority like Student Representative Council (SRC) and a few individuals have stepped up to  help relieve it.

feel like crying just reading it... if i havent eat dinner  after  having lunch that day, id be sooo cranky!

 IIUM Confession (BM) is where everyone in the IIUM community can confess anything anonymously. there was a student who posted that she/he had no food to eat or couldn't afford any. so it became viral on IIUM Confession and triggered these kind- hearted people to start help relieve her/his burden and the likes of them in IIUM. it was there that we realize, not all of us here are lucky. some are not able to eat because of financial to study if you're starving???

my SOCA lecturer told her story of not having money to eat. she depended on her pay as research assistant while doing her masters in IIUM. she fed on rm1 fruits sold at the fruit kiosk at the center cafe. she starved while finishing her thesis most of the time.she eats rice if her friend was kind enough to treat her for lunch sometimes. and she only ate chicken if she was lucky that week..and now she has a doctorate  and permanent Sociology lecturer in my university. some people are just resilient!

i know how that feel because i am on PTPTN loan .and the amount after it is credited for tuition fee is not enough for the whole semester. i have to depend on my parents when it runs out.

from my experience, i had shortage of money. but i never starved. 
i always find a way .. *coz im self centered and i love my self so much. no one takes care of me here, so i have to do it myself right ?*

i feel so lucky to have studied here. i love IIUM environment. im so touched to see how  caring and kind hearted people towards others' welfare. especially the students' representatives. i think for things like these, they do a good job to make sure those in need get help they deserve.

look at these ...posted on IIUM online

i feel so blessed , yet sometimes im such an ungrateful person. i wasted food, i wasted money. i think im wiser now as i grow older hahahha

seeing other poeple's hardship make me feel i am lucky enough not to starve like some of us do... 

i admit student's life is challenging, but not as challenging as working life...once you work, you are responsible for your every expenses, and what you earn, you have to divide according to priorities. thinking of this, make me dont want to go on another year!! and i want to extend my semester here just to enjoy student life.. hahahhaa

i like being taken care of financially. okay sounds so immature. let me stop here.

my lecturer, one that i really adore, told us in his class  during our first year, first semester, that "IT IS NORMAL FOR STUDENT TO NOT HAVE MONEY (or poor) THERE'S NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF" he studied in the USA for his bachelor and he had to work part time because of  financial limitations. his father is a policeman and his late mom was illiterate... and he made it..i guess hardship is the best life teacher.

so it is common for students not to have money. we're not working people who gets monthly money. we get a bulk, * not so many if you're on ptptn* but that bulk is for the whole semester. not enough.

i think IIUM Confession really functions they way it supposed to ( being informative and raise awareness on issues that deserve attention like this ) .Before this, it was condemned to be the place where students confess about their crush and whatnot... errkkkkhhh .finally things fallen onto its places.

i am proud to be part of this community. When the NASI LEMAK PROJECT was informed to be initiated by IIUM student, and she received an award in USA because of it, it hits me, helping people doesn't need to be in form of money, or big checks, we can start even by a simple dish to satisfy hunger of a needy person. it is not hard to do kindness.
islam teaches us that too.. littlest thing like a smile is an act of charity ( it makes others feel good seeing it) and we'll be   rewarded in the Hereafter.

 The Prophet also said: "Every act of goodness is charity." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496

The Prophet also said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589
the hand that gives is more honorable than the hand who receive.kan3 ? do good deeds and good things will come back to you.

good job IIUM people!