Monday, April 9, 2012

now i know..nothing compares to "THAT FEELING"

i think now i know how happy a woman who  is just informed there's a life inside her womb. tiny "little her" least a part of that feeling...i know now..( no not pregnant)

i just had that feeling this evening

i did my ultrasound today...

i had to do it bcoz i had a REALLY REALLY REALLY literally relly bad period pain yesterday. i never had such period pain before. i mean i always have period pain but  never had one that i gotta go to the clinic for. and when i went there, i had to be in the treatment room, took the strongest pain killers ( tablet- didnt work) and an injection..THAT BAD

it was my first time..i felt like giving birth to a baby! ( over la ) but it's true..the pain didnt stop for like i dono..from 8.30 till 3.30 pm sth......yeah!

i felt like punching the wall to make it stop somehow. ( im so ganas when im in pain lol)

it involved  the left part of my abdomen.

i cried like someone died in front of the nurse and the doc.i was loud ...when i cry i dont care anymore. i actually dont care abt the world..let it be if a handsome guy, o a handsome doc saw my ungly face crying lol..i so dont care lol.i just don’t..*nasib lar xde doctor hensem masa tuuu*
 .it was painful ok..i cry when i cry. so bare with me haha (shame shame)

my pain went away gradually after 2 hours taking the painkiller... why so lambat i dono..then i got reference letter to do pelvic ultrasound. i went today morning at 12.. my turn was at 5pm..masak aku ! went shopping at Sogo before that..gotta drink lot of water before i cud proceed with the ultrasound... ppl wondered why i was given so many glasses of water to drink.i was the only one.many ppl waiting oso...they must have thought.. why is she receiving special  ..when i drank, everybody watched..amekaw! SEGAN AKU >_<

owh, that woman who prepared me before i go to ultrasound room, her face was exactly like Ali's fiancee..her cheeks arent puffy like hers tho.. but this happy feeling surpressed it all .

when i got into the room. then a doc came in... the cold gel applied.. i cud see my uterus n bladder! lol i was so happy ! (jakon la aku..but who cares =P) i cud see my ovary also...

he said im ok. i asked whats with the pain yesterday? he said sth abt muscles.i dono ..watever..happy happy!

"this is ur ovary. it's the best picture of ovary i can take with this tool" he said =) it's cute! that black dot over there right?

i was smiling when i see those...haha..thinking there will be the room for a "little me" later..the doctor told me sth like my left hurting abdomen part, contains the ovary that has a high chance for me to produce babies compared to my right one lol...i cant describe to u guys how it feels to hear the phrase "chance to have babies" parallel to the sight of my ovary! it's  not like he told me im pregnant. that is enough to make me smiling all day..just to hear that i have normal chance to have babies ( coz b4 ultrasound i thought there was sth wrong with my ovary n i cant have babies o sth..yeah dramatic kan??huhu.....biasala pompuan..) . it was a wonderful feeling!! i can be a mom lol like other women out there! hehe

i think this changed me a bit, the hikmah ...i was the kind of girl who was so paranoid and pessimistic abt having many babies...i just want 2 babies. 1 boy and a girl. n thats it. maximum 3 kids n im done...and when i was in my pain yesterday, i felt like..WHAT THE F!! is this what it's like during labour?! im so gona take Epidural! ( again , dramatic me) ..but having done this pelvic ultrasound and knowing that my litte one's "room" is alright... makes me said..i dont care how painful it is im having as many as Allah wants to give me n my hubby's ok to have that pain, later when the baby is in ur arms, u'll feel the best feeling in the world! i dont have any children yet, nor married, nor pregnant of course... that undescripable feeling i had this evening changed how i see things now..especially about labour pain..the reward is PRICELESS!

seriously the pain i had yesterday , led me to this grateful feeling. my uterus is ok, im a normal woman, and i can bare children of the man i cute!! i saw my ovary.. i think it's cute. cant get over it yet LOL... and i cant stop smiling since this evening lol... girls,have ur uterus scanned, u'll know how it feels!

i still feel little bit uncomfy till now im writing this post of my left abdomen.. but the doc said ' u have my consent, i say ur ok". im ok =)

Friday, April 6, 2012

I found it!

i been admiring and SEARRCHING for SKIN79 BB Cream. i felt like screaming when i found it at Watson!! i went shopping on the previous holiday. i browsed Watson n Guardian. ( always do that tho got nothin to buy) . then i went to this corner where they place some Korean products. cant read Korean but i was attaracted to their pink packaging. HOT PINK that is.... i read the label and they u go SKIN79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 * i cant believe i finally meet u!* sorta reaction...

dramatic bit.... i was super happy. i grabbed a bottle at once! bcoz this brand is pricey for a student i only got the small bottle first. after this gonna buy the big one yeayy!

so far it
  • doesnt break me out
  • not oily  ( even after few hours) love this!
  • smell like oat when u apply it onto the face
  • medium coverage ( natural look)
  • long lasting
  • doesnt make my skin glow tho...
 skin79 is the leading BB cream in Korea. i read reviews before buying it. i really wanted to try it now i got it!

i have been using L'oreal transparent rosy glow before i tried SKIN79. i absolutely love it

 this BB cream
  • doesnt break me out
  • but go little oily after few hours, but doesnt mess the face...
  • full coverage ( LIKE LIKE LIKE)
  • IT MAKES MY SKIN GLOW! rosy glow that is tho im not putting any blusher on
  • smells like L'oreal lol
  • not drying but feels like it ( dont worry, it's not dehydrating) 
  • non comedogenic
when i put on L'oreal it feels matte, when i put on SKIN79, the skin feels softer, smoother, moisturized. i like L'oreal look better, but i love how SKIN79 makes my skin feels..

 i love both !

i recommend these BB creams for those who doesnt have much time,n lazy like me but wana look good.BB cream nourish our skin. not like regular foundation. Foundation covers the skin,it does nothing but that.However, BB cream treats the skin.It's ALL in 1. suncreen, moisturizer, whitening,foundation , in one bottle. only 5 mins needed then ur all set!