Wednesday, August 21, 2013

online supplement : aurawhite

hi all. i want to do some kind of review, i think more like a warning to consumers out there who use this supplement called Aurawhite Gluthathione collagen.

i googled for hours and days before buying this and i was convinced that it was all pure non chemical supplement. but i definately have something to say abt it. i guess im wrong.

it's a supplement . powder form. shaker inculded.. haha. blueberry flavour. (now they released choc)

tastes like ribena. drank 2x a day. product of thailand. sold at rm 150 in malaysia.

ive been using it for 2 jars,religiously daily! and all i find is it fades my scarring ( new ones-after 3 weeks) but not much of whitening my skin. i dono if it really works because i have beige skin to begin with.

u have to really drink a lot of water to detoxify your body in order for this product to be effective.

i cant umm... i dont get the chance to experience further effectiveness of this product because it gives me a problem. it messes with my menstrual cycle!!

my menses was always on the dot. and after taking this supplement, i have to beg GOD for my menses! 

im serious!! it's late for almost 2 months!! never happened to me! the worst was 2 weeks late but this is worrying...

i went to the doctor and she asked me to stop consuming this product. it messes with my hormones.

i think it works differently in individuals. our body systems are different. it's almost a month now i wait for my next menses. still not bleeding. see the prob?! it's relly scary!

and other thing i noticed is, when my 1st jar was finished. and i didnt have it for like 1 and half month, my skin colour was back to normal. and i left the shaker for like a week without washing it because i plan to buy a new jar. ( new jar new shaker). i find that the raspberry coloured liquid turned black and u cant really wash it off with running water. i had to  use my finger and sponge to get it off.

it scares me because if it sticks like that to the shaker, imagine what it can do to body system if we dont  detoxify enough while consuming this. it's risky.

im really skeptic about online product . didnt relly pay attention to any of it before..i usually do research on every ingredient and anything related to it, cause effects, testimonils.. i usually didnt fall easily... this one looked organic to me so i went for it!

wrong move   !!!!

but im just trying to preserve what is already there. i thought i was making it better but haha... im wrong.

it claims to have many benefits covering health and beauty, i just experince one ...

and it looks really convincing  when the promotional and advertising purposes include and makeup...

 hanez suraya is the icon. i guess it's just placebo right? i mean in a video on FB, this hanez suraya didnt get the NAME of the product right..she to do second take and she looks at the jar to get the name right ..i mean if u really have been consuming this for some time, ud know what u consume and the NAME of the product of course........

i guess i fell for false advertising . and fooled. i didnt finish the 2nd bottle coz i get relly scared. never repurchase again. not effective.

do seek medical attention imidietly  if ur experiencing the stated condition k.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last minute shopping

i did last minute raya shopping ..

i thought it would be a lot easier..but god..i almost give up!

i thought i was gonna go home empty handed.

i was looking for simple plain Bawal tudung only!!!! all kiosks were closed. everyone's going back to kampong..tutup kedai and it was almost iftar time...

i broke fast on the road today. Minum Milo tin jer with my bro he had soya Drinho ahahah

i got 3 plain bawal exactly the colours i want . Alhamdulillah. esok balik kampong.

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims =)