Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dating Vs Courting ...

i dont want dating .. i court

Most people with a lasting relationship and loving marriage will tell you they are best friends, or that their relationship started off as a friendship and grew into love. I believe that is where courtship comes into play – when two friends fall in love, want to get married, and begin a courtship. Both the man and woman are aware that their relationship is leading to marriage, and in due time, they will tie the knot. Granted, they are more than likely to say they are “dating”, as that word is most commonly used in today’s society, but essentially, they are courting.

With dating, the ambiguity of the relationship and its unclear future, can be both disturbing and heartbreaking. Intentions need to be made exceptionally clear right from the onset, so that both the man and woman can act accordingly. If you’re dating to get to know someone, good luck, because let’s face it, most people are on their best behavior on a ‘just a date’.

 If you build a friendship first, then you already know the person, and in courting them, you see if they would be a suitable spouse for you. -copy paste

kids date . wiser ,mature ppl court .. i guess  :)

these two are my inspiration .. they courted :) 8 years they waited to be married .dr sheikh muszaphar shukor and Dr Halina Yunos . now they have 2 kids! and many more to come :)

 her sister, dr Hamizah Yunos also courted for 10 years  with a doctor.who was also her schoomate. now they have a baby girl !! like them ..

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#random . something by professional people caught my attention..

from a medical page by a doctor ..not that i firmly believe it. just for fun . but i like the way my preference  of these pics describes my personality..

i prefered no 5 which says :

5. You are self-assured and in charge. You are very independent. Your guiding principle in life is 'I'll do it my way.'. You are very self-reliant and know how to stay strong for yourself and the people you love. You know exactly what you want and are not afraid of pursuing your dreams. The only thing you demand from people is honesty. You are strong enough to accept the truth.

impressively related to me. 

i do like to know truth. to me, if people dont like me, or my personality, it's better for them to TELL ME. coz if i do not know, everytime they annoy me, id be hurt and wondering y they hurt me .. then being sad like damsel in distress. if i know, life would be easier!! i already know certain people dont like me..if they do anything bad that hurts my feeling, i dont have to wonder  why..I ALREADY KNOW WHY. see easy ??

and  people do tell me that they feel force ( i dono if this is the correct word) to have to do what i want to do .for example if i want to eat at McD and others want to eat at Sushi, i wont follow them to Sushi. im ok if i have to eat at McD alone . i just dont believe in wasting money to things i dont want. IM NOT RICH yo! and some ppl feel forced because they want to do everything TOGETHER.. then they claim that they have to follow me to eat where i want to tho they refuse it ... i dont force. i just like to have it my way... and there's nothing wrong with eating separately for me, as long as everyone happy. if they wana eat together, then they have to choose only 1 place to eat, thats their prob for not being so FLEXIBLE isnt it? not mine. self reliant . i got it from my dad. once i know how to do it, i like to do it myself . lots of girls like to do things together right? i mean if shes going to class, she needs to wait for friend, to eat she  needs to be little hungry because she waits for her friend. i mean come on.. all those u can do it urself right? we were in the womb alone, in grave alone, why not be little independent? it doesnt hurt. it makes u stronger.

i do feel stronger year to year, waiting for this one guy i love since i was 18 years old. i dont feel like i want anyone else.. he makes me happy in every way he is. i dont care if we are far apart . He is always in my prayer, and  i always pray that he eventually be mine . in shaa Allah
and for every semester , i put intention to get into deans list for Umi and Abah. i got them for 4 times in a row. i got lazy, stressed out, i cried coz of those , but yeah those make me stronger to keep my parents happy. i dont have money, i dont work yet. i just want to pay my parents' hard work to keep me in school by giving them good grades so that they are happy. that's all i can do, and i will be strong for it .sometimes it's really hard, but needed to be done.

people say, others have to be "mirror" for u in order for you to know 'you' . i agree. if ppl ask me to describe myself ..i'd be ummmmm.... ummm... lol 

we discover ourselves as we grow mature everyday ..i dont wana miss any of  it ! after all,we got to LIVE not just SURVIVE right? 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

october 19th 2013

i watched INSIDIOUS 2 today. 

i liked it a lot!! im not into horror until i saw this one. and the others by James Wan. i give it  4 stars.. 

so i went with Shahira. my neighbour at home ,also my former schoolmate. she's a law student. she left her blanket , she wanted a new one. we shopped a bit after watching . she brought her friend along, who was wearing literally her pjs because it wasnt planned . 

we both wanted to go out, but she decided to tag along on last min. yep, she went to watch movie at the mall wearing pjs and tudung hahahhaha..1 whole day ok ..we went home at 7pm something ..i brought garlic butter spread WHICH MAKES ME SO HAPPY. i just love the taste of garlic!!! dono why into vampires too ,like the Cullens :)  *off topic*

and German dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts Ritter SPORTS? yeah tastes awesome!!!

it was raining. i hope i forgot wat i watched. i hate it being not scared during the movie but scared when i was abt to go to sleep. shits.

as usual, i watched the subs mostly hahahahhaha.. chicken

i havent done any study yet.

today is a long day for me.

i thought i lost my phone.

when i realised it's not with me, i looked everywhere in the  room , i checked my bag. not there! 

so i rushed into a taxi to Shahira hostel. pakcik taxi pitied me. he didnt charge me anything. he said "loook for ur phone, i pity u " *in malay la* ..

I didnt remember her room. i went by hunch tryin to recall what she told me. close enough. i knocked on room 1.6 shes actually at 1.5 ..
she wasnt there. she went to female sport court  sth to play ball she bought along with the blanket.. it was so hard!!! 

then i took a taxi to top up my secondary phone to call people who might know shahira's melawati utama? i dono that place's name.. my money runs like water on the fare ..ayyo ..dah la pokai.. 

then i made announcement on FB, abt me losing my phone and im not reachable on my primary number.trying so hard to reach shahira. i asked ppl desperately for her no bcoz she's not online!!! ppl check ur FB plz!! hahahah

i was stressed out! i got numbers of friends but they dont pick up coz thats my new number i was calling them with . so annoying. u think i want to mengorat u eh? perasan hahahhaha

anyways, i reached the one who tagged  along with us tadi. she gave me shahira's no but she wasnt picking up calls!!! *so angry ok*  so she helped me go to shahira's room to see if shes asleep or not there etc. 

i angrily texted shahira to pickup her phone. finally i got to speak to her, and Izzati *tagged along-friend*  just arrived at her door hahahha

she checked her car, i gave a call to my primary phone coz it was on silent MODE.

of course , when you lose your phone, IT'S IDEALLY ON SILENT!!!!!!! stress aku!

she told me it was on her backseat .. simple as that . alhamdulillah phone's found .

sayang phone.. i even thought of going back to the mall where we watched movie. but my instinct told me it's not that bad. so i didnt  go ..i couldnt afford to go tired n waste  of money. after reloading my prepaid on 2ndary phone, i went back to IIUM. safer like that. i was alone!!!

so yeah,i couldnt just sit there tho my insticnt didnt feel anything bad .. i guess that's just how women work right. they worry. hahahhaha i am one. so it's OK :p's our nature to worry

Thursday, October 17, 2013

day 3 raya aidiladha 1434 H

i went back to campus early. have quiz and exam on 23, 24, 31 oct .. i havent read what im supposed to read hahhah

memang x la aku nak baca masa cuti raya kan!

i went back by bus. so f-ing tiring!! 

1 handbag, 1 laptop backpack, 1 small balik kampong bag yg packed hahhaha...typical woman :p

i thought id go back to campus on Sunday. But i think better today.. since i havent done laundry, havent read bla bla.. 

so , actually i just want to doodle that today i could independently travel by bus from my hometown to here !! hahhahahaha tu jer.. xde apa pon..

im skeptical abt going back alone. but when i think abt it, till when? i need to learn to be more independent kan? dah besa gedabak mana bole xreti lagi hahahha malu....

so yeah alhamdulillah.. i made it. stopped to eat Chicken Rice at The Chicken Rice Shop sekejap isi perut . then only i continued.

man those bags hurt my shoulders!!! felt like wearing a heavy vs wings like Ale Ambrosio in 2006 hahahaha! it's still hurt as im writing.

im glad i arrived safely here .and it is sad to leave before Sunday. oh btw, there's no cafe nearby me opened. have to go out to eat hahahha... staffs r there but they just dont cook!

i think everybody has to be here in order for them to open cafe. so not thoughtful rightt

My bro is taking SPM on 6th November. xsempat nak ajar English comprehensively to him. I only did yesterday. He got what i taught him.. and i told him to Google if he doesn't know anything. ya know, since he's being online 24/7 ..why not use it for studying haha.. and i feel like i spent little time with my parents but they r OK. i guess when u come home then u leave home, homesick is wajib right? 

i miss my family now. :'( they r always in my prayer.

Friday, October 11, 2013

aku x reti naik bas HAHAHAHAH

eid adha is around the corner . everyone balik kampong.. or going to, in a few days..

aku punya la panic this raya , selalunyer xkesah pon balik ke x.. kalau xbalik kafe iium ni bukan nak bukak sgt pon .xbalik kang kebulur plak ..ada je certain cafes kat mahallah ( hostel) where the international students reside tu bukak tp malas aku ..

adik ngn abah sebok tanya bila aku nak balik sume.. aku pon pegila cari tiket hari Selasa. Balik 9pm khamis .. astu tadi aku pegi (rainy 10/10 night), awal gak la ke Greenwood , tp aku ni mmg xreti naik bas pon, kalau balik from Pudu , Fani yg  direct mana nk pegi aku ikot jer,

so  yg haritu aku panic, beli tiket dulu Fani xbalik ngn aku hahhahaha

tula panic sangat!! org balik la tugeder geder.

ceritanya ni, aku terlepas bas hahahhahahha. 

dulu ktorg telepas bas once . tp beli tiket baru. haha ..pkol 6 intially, then kol 11 sth ... xpela . 2 org kali ni, aku sorg , mintak tolong PiPOT hanta pegi Greenwood... tapi aku tesalah tggu kat bus stop budak2 Kelantan bhahahhahah...tiket aku bas transnasional . tmpat tggu dia kat depan ... aku tggu kat belakang ..aku loser skit xtau mcm mana nak tggu bas kat mana2  =p aku xsalu naik bas pon. bapak je amik ..

so bila sorg jadila mcm ni hahhaha..aku ikot pipot ,wani,syiqin pegi makan mamak, tutti frutti ,sebelum balik for curfew uia.. xkesah la..balik uia lagi selamat .bole balik bilik aku tdo .

tadi plan nak cari tiket pegi pudu tp hesitate sbb jauh .takot smpai2 counter tiket tutup. pastu nak balik iium semula dh malam, lrt tutup..  takut la! nasib baik balik iium semula.

dulu stranded kat batu caves sbb balik berjalan lepas kol 12. xde taxi xde bas..tu aku ngn Fani, kalau mcm ni sorg2 baik xyah nak cari bala!

so here i am, in my room, thinking nak balik ke x selepas kecewa sikit xdpt naik bas independently balik umah .. aku asa nak balik esok lusa..tgk la caner.. merajok hahahhaha

experience as i grow older .. selamat hari raya aidil adha to all muslims  :) have a safe journey to your hometown!!