Friday, June 28, 2013

it may work in fairy tales...

love at first sight. 

do u believe in that?

if u ask me.


that's rubbish. i think personally. it's 100% based on looks!

you could only see the external side of him or her, not inside.. it's only one dimensional and totally unfair!

because lets face it, it only happens to "beautiful creatures" / handsome men and beautiful women..

why i say this?

based on my years of observation and tests ive conducted, *ececey haha* it's proven to be TRUE!

lets face the reality yah?

for men,
ur walking in a mall, or park, then suddenly a beautiful woman passes by across the hall ,she  caught your eyes...tall, with big lustrous eyes, curly natural lashes, curvy, skinny, fair, dark wavy long hair..


ur jogging at the park , tall handsome , great cheekboned, toned, tall well built body just crossed your way..

only them will caught our attention right? only these type of people. it's because  they are good looking. good looking people caught our attention. it wont happen to just anyone! believe me.

would there be love at first sight for chubby, dark skinned, short build, ordinary looking people???

NOPE. i dont think so. sorry to say.

i know this sounds really harsh and some might bash it with " beauty is subjective you know" ya ya... thats cliche...

we're talking about LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT here.. and seriously think that it doesnt really applicable to all ... just to those who are genetically blessed with good looks ( natural , non heavy  makeup state) .. it doesnt really exist.

true love does exist. love at 1st sight? naah, nope!

it's movie propaganda. u know when u watch Bollywood movie maybe, they say this a lot!

 once u see one in a movie,  u try to recall what i say;
 " it only happens to beautiful people" - look at the guy the heroine is having her love at first sight with. is she short, plump  or tall dark and handsome? or the girl the guy is having LAFS with- is she fat, short, and dark, or shes tall, curvy and head- to -toe a perfection????

hmm ... ??

so there u go..

i just want to point this out, coz the world we're living today, it seems so competative to me, in search of THE ONE. and looks always prevail. that's shallow right?

im not talking baseless...

it's all based on experience.

beautiful girls and handsome guys, their lives of course have ups and down like everyone else, they are not perfect. maybe they are perfect based on looks, but maybe other aspects, they lack of this and that like we all do..what im saying is, it is a lot easier, and they get a lot luckier to find THE ONE to spend the rest of their lives with compared to those who are average looking..

based on my experience in university, all my friends whom are - attaractive looking friends, most of them have bfs, engaged, some of them are married...see? it's not really hard for them to look for THE ONE since they're pretty.. Alhamdulillah they've found sincere soul mates to spend their lives with.

but being pretty or handsome has its price... ya know..

how does he or she know that their partners truly love them for who they are or just because they are beautiful "tropy" to be shown off to da world ? hmm

it has its pros and cons being BEAUTIFUL CREATURES i guess huh? mostly what ive seen, are their lucky sides.

all in all, i just want to emphasize that love at first sight only works in fairy tales, movies and to pretty people. In the real world, it doesnt really work that way baby... wake up wake up..

but what i do believe in is, good heart reflects outside. Just be a good person, have a clean, kind heart, smile always,stay positive and happy. it's personality that captures the heart at the end of the day. Beauty is desirable. but it wont last. once u grow older, it fades ..

i think it's too shallow to put values to future spouses based solely on looks. to live with them, we have to live with whom they are not how they dress or look like right?

everyone likes seeing beautiful people, who doesnt?, i do. but when it comes to putting good values to only pretty people and ignore the rest solely based on looks, thats sux.

so people, wake up. love at first sight only happens on movies, among beautiful creatures, and fairy tales.. it exists in those dimensions only, not the reality. but don't grief haha.. as good personality and  kind hearts that matter most and they are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS imaginable.