Monday, January 6, 2014

my fourth semester ....

ive finished my final paper for this semester on the 4th january !! ( 28 dec,30 dec,31 dec,3 jan ) so happy!


actually, this is the first semester that my papers end really early!

ive been studying here for 4 semester now, for 3 semesters i could just watch the joy of others packing and leaving early ... i had 2 semesters which my last papers were on the last day of exam week! the other semester was just 3 days early from the last day...

so, this semester, i know what it feels like to finish early haha! :)

it was really exhausting. Plus, i cant drink coffee.i drank it one  morning,because i wanted to get rid  of the sleepiness prior to waking up so early that morning to study. what happened was, until the next morning, i felt TIRED!!! and i could sleep! shits haha

and i think i really didnt get much time to study because the papers were only like 2 or one day apart ... but im kinder to myself this semester .

i dont think there's any use of dean's list anymore. 

my CGPA is 3.6 every semester since last semester of foundation till my previous 3rd semester. alhamdulillah. i did it all by Allah's  help. 

i did apply for scholarship on the 1st semester, but didnt get any. and im stuck with PTPTN. this is what you get in this country hahah *roll eyes*

and im a third year student next semester. i dont think they would sponsor a 3rd  year student right?

so if im still in the dean's list. it's a present for my parents like always . i do it only for them. i think thats the only thing i could do to make umi and abah happy since im not yet working, and have any money to give them hahhaha ... good cgpa will do for now :p

i want to be kinder to my self ..more relax for this sem and next sem.. the last 3 semesters were intense. i was practically "planting" the base of my academic performance. only if i think i have done that, i wont be THAT intense about study anymore...and i think i have ... so next sem would be a laid-back semester.. ekeke..

when you are in your  1st year, rumours i heard before i enroll my bachelor, you can only retain good results in 1st and 2nd year then 3rd and 4th is like, if you're lucky and you study like crazy, only you could.. yeah im not that hardworking. i get stressed hahah..

im just sharing. im excited this semester because i get to know how it feels like to finish exams early. but i dont leave for home on the 4th . i will leave on the 12th because i want to feel the freedom being in campus without having the obligatory to do ANYTHING!  feels heavenly!

i have 8 days of doing-nothing days after my last paper! most people would leave for home in no time but i want to feel how it feels like living here with no assignment to submit, no class every morning ..

just 8 days of sleep compensations, going out, movie marathon and watch everyone else  suffer from final exam still HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*

i dont want to go back kuantan yet. in KL it's easier to move about, but when im in Kuantan, i feel caged a bit. they only good thing is to see my family :)

so im taking this 8 days of freedom to enjoy this good feeling :p i love malls !

i have 3 weeks holiday ahead of me after 12th january. till then im just gonna stay here and being a lazy bum! lol

to those who are burning the midnight's oil for final exam, be presevere, you know hard work will pay off :)

1- Ask Allah for help everytime in your prayers .
2- read early not last minute like me hahaha
3- mind map and write things u read is REALLY HELPFUL *works for me*
4- when you're dealing with many topics, read the chapter summary first before you read the whole chapter so you get the gist of each chapter.
5- re-read the notes or mind map early in the morning when your brain is fresh
6- for those who cant have caffeine like me, try mineral water and washing your face regularly. *agony right haha*
7- practice  read n' redha priciple  :)

if you had given your best, there's nothing to regret.whatever result you get after that, you know what is meant to be, will be. so accept things you can't change.exam hall is like a battle when you enter, do literally EVERYTHING that could win you the "BATTLE" yeah?!

Allah will give us what we expect so be OPTIMIST and make dua.

keep me in your dua :) id love to be in the dean's list again if i may