Sunday, March 17, 2013

the fragile heart is to be gentle with...

A woman's heart is fragile. dont go around breaking it as u please. you know when she loves, she desires to be your last.. it doesn't matter if shes not the first.

i paraphrase UAI, if you're not marrying a woman, haram for you to give her expectation of marriage be it words, or actions..

If you have no intention whatsoever of marrying a woman. dont give her the wrong signal to "test your market" ,boost your manly ego, fooling around sweet talking to  girls as if you're MISTER UNIVERSE, so handsome that everyone wants u duhhhh so vain. hahah..that's lame

what's cool:


remember, Allah sees everything.. He knows what's in our hearts.

when a heart breaks, in pain...HE knows..WHAT GOES AROUND WILL GO BACK exception. may be it won't happen to the doer..maybe the doer's son, or daughter so the doer takes lesson * if he does the reflective thinking lar..kalau x dia memang xde MUHASABAH diri. xguner! lol*


karma has no menu..u get served what you deserve...

so girls, based on my observation in my mature age *baru 22 hahaha* sweet talkers are the most easy to track. they say stuff they dont mean to  girls,same thing being rephrase to suit the girl and situation lol.n ya,they literally dont mean it lol. booya! 

so beware. take care of your heart . For the love of your life, MR. HUBBY

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Such a clutz!!

I feel old LOL!! I cant believe myself what ive forgotten !

#1  Kinokuniya story..

I went to the bookstore at KLCC to get novels for my course subject. We have to read a novel and critically analyzed it in order to write a term paper later on .i just needed one but I was in a bit of dilemma, I chose and bought 3 hahahah! 

I’m a bit paranoid.. I’m afraid if I bought one, the story doesn’t provide much for me to evaluate later on when I write my paper, so three .. 

I browsed 2 weeks for those books. It was 5, narrowed down to 3 ..From 3, I like 2, and from the two, I can’t chose one lol ..  I waited a week to finally decide a book to read and criticize! lamanyer.. nak pilih buku jer..

So actually this entry is regarding my clumsiness..meningkat umo, makin kalut jadinyer .

I went to get those books using my 1 Malaysia Book Voucher. Hmm lot of  ‘steps’ involved! I had to go here and there. So unsystematic! They have lots of counters! I went to the front one to use it, they  said I had to verify it at the back counter first. I went to check at the customer service counter where everyone lined up to use their vouchers. 

So it was my turn, and the one who was to verify mine was really annoying I had to write my name all over again. Tak sama pulak dahhh! I have a mouthful name, I missed one so had to write it all back down.

 I went to Sephora before; I had their paper bag with me. I put the remaining voucher inside with my phone and stuff bought on the counter……

Finished writing my name on 3 vouchers *used 150* I went to the paying counter to get all this over with coz I was hungry, I wanted to makan!!! 

I went to the nearest counter, but they said pay at the entrance cashier. So I went there. I lined up in the wrong line lol . The left was for cash, the right one was for 1 Malaysia book voucher =P maluu.. booya!. *xmalu sgt la* 

When I was abt to “pay” the cashier said there was quite amount left as balance, we don’t pay back balance per voucher ..WHAT………………………………………………..?
 *penatla aku*

She said I need 1 more book priced rm20 -22 …I went back to the shelves… I wanted to get notebooks but she said stationary cannot, only academic books. But later on when I finally had rm4 left, she said could be used for stationary; I just want to say ES- TI- YU- PID right now.

While browsing for the rm20 something book, an announcement was made. My full name was called *malu malu*. I went again to the customer service counter.. 

one of the worker  handed me my Sephora paper bag!!! With my phone in  it!! 

I took it, thanked her, n quickly went out. thank god i left my book  voucher in there. I didn’t even realize my phone wasn’t with me!!! *Tua dah aku..*

 i just bought stuff worth 300, my phone and book voucher were in there. Pheww.. i got them back. Thank god there is still kindness in this world kan....

#2 Dominos story.

i went out with a friend after umm "accomplishing" our 'mission' to change section for our weekend 0.5 credited cocoricular activity into another section a day after the date to change group was issued haha..pegi menyusahkan kerani CCAC ... he didnt get angry or anythin..bagoslar ..i didnt wana pull off my drama queen self out there..

we dropped by to try our luck actually. and said we want to drop the subject and take the niche area activity ( i dont like the sun, my friend was aiming for that one hommagad!) so thx Allah we didnt get it LOL

the clerk advised us not to drop. he said it is easier if we finish cocoricular activity fast!! yeah! serabot jer.. i didnt wana drop. i just wanted to change group..if we drop then we had to pay rm300 per adjustment, he said it can only be reduced to rm 150 ..* i rather purchase my Dior Forever liquid Foundation i been craving with that amount of money* hahah..

i said to him, ok out of favour, can u plz change our group to a  Malaysian instructor group coz we find that we have a problem with this  current instrctor *not that im THAT racist, im more comfortable with Malaysian instructor better*

he asked for a reason pulak..alaaaa..
then one reason i find always work in every situation is Kang Gary's STRESS tagline lol

hey it worked ok =P  

i told him this current instructor made me stressed out. acute stress actually. he's nice but strict. i just wana have fun on saturday u know. on weekdays it's already a lecture week, so i expect weekend to be relaxing..fine lar nak lecture jugak, but be it light.. so i told him

'sy xbole la dengan cikgu tu, sy stress!" 

stress mcm mana pulak?

then i told him the above passage i just told u guys lol. then he brought out a list name of cocuricular instructor, schedule for the coco activity and asked me to pick the instructor i want .he suggested DR. someone someone i dont remember..

"DR ni ok ,dia kawan sy. dy kelaka"

ha bole la ..klaka ..oh kawan eh? dia garang x?

"garang? mana la sy tau cara dia aja dlm kelas"    

tapi dr. salu stress .  xnak lar nant stress

so all the stress stress conversation went on  ..finally i pick someone without DR preceding her name.. hopefully shes fun and not a lioness in shaa allah. ill enter her class next week hehe.

actually the story should circle around my wrist watch LOL

my friend and i went to Dominos pizza to indulge ourselves after our "achievement" changing the class section without any money being withdrawn from the bank..pheww!! nasib baik dia baik hati!

we went back Maghrib. we had to rush for the prayer. umm..

I left my watch at the ablution area!!!! 

guess what...........???

i didnt notice it wasnt on me wrist till the next dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

IM GROWING old!!!  * wailing*

upon realizing that i left it at the mosque, i said to Allah, i really love that watch *i really do!!* . it was the  first watch i bought for myself and i love it dearly. plzz take care of it for me.

i was to REDHA oredy

i went to the mosque at 10..then i looked up the lost and found list on the wall of female praying area. none wrote they found anythin on the date.. 

i went down to the ablution area where i think i lost it.. err all lampu were off it was so dark i didnt dare to go down lol way! i couldnt find the switch either anyway.. so i went up to the praying area.. umm fixing my hijab in front of the mirror.. .

ok , lawa dah...ready to go back hostel. 

 then i looked down to the Quran Rihal(holder *i think*) below the mirror  with a statistics textbook on it ..*heh..weird* 

there it was!!!!!!

my wrist watch smiling up at me !!! =) * i was imaginative and happy alright*. i wonder how did it get there? 

i picked my baby up, put it on, and ran!  lol  

i cant believe im such a klutz these days... i think im in need for Gingko Brahmi to improve my focus ..*excuse*

 i looked for it,at the local pharmacies months back but to no avail...Restock ur Gingko Brahmi Guardian and Watsons!! dont lazy lazy!!! hahaha