Tuesday, October 23, 2012

room8s or dorm8s

yeah im sure everybody got roomate when they go to college... from all KINDS ..HMM...


i went to PLKN . it's like national service during interval period between high school and college. i went for 3 months. it was COMPULSORY. i hated it. seriously. and i mean it. I HATED IT. i feel like it's a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME  and tiring.. yeah.. and did i meantion i got bullied? yeah i did.since i m the only gurl in da family ,i didnt relly know how to mingle with mass ppl.didnt mean i hadnt try. i did. so this plkn thingy was my first time leaving home and stay in a dorm full of other gurls..-turned out to be bitches mostly. im not gonna be polite writing this lol.. (p/s : to identify bitches : when u being nice n smile to em, they look at u like a maggot or uve killed one of their family members o sth..when u walk away, they stare n stare then laugh out loud like some crazy cows *thats too long i know. but thats how they r*)- i dono whats wrong with their smile muscles. prolly distorted coz theyre partly retarded lol.

so i went . and i dono abt everyone else, for me, if i go to new places , i make peace with everyone, i wana be friends with everyone. but hey, not everyone wants the same thing i did. ya i was little naive.. so what! i was 17 turning 18. umm there were like 23 o sth girls in a dorm. i wished to be a part of them . come on, when u go to a new place there'll be strangers right.. i smiled and be friendly to everyone.i wanted to make friends! some ppl told me PLKN would be fun! *taik kucing kau*
 i thought i did nothing wrong. i guess those clans were BITCHES CLANS, so it didnt work. i didnt know how to identify bitches clan back then hahaha.they dont like u being nice. ok .. just walk away far far if u found any. they 'll make ur life miserable. i had it for 3 months.. i dono what i did to make em hate me.

well actually. i was not relly a friendly person . i know only to smile n reply questions. i wont be the one who say hi first... thats not me.. thatd be weird if i do.. haha thats not Aliaa

and i assume when u answer questions and smile it'd be enough but no.... u have to be FUN to fit in? i was a nerd and i mind my own bizness.. whoaa ! i was doing it wrong! big time

rule #1 U DONT ISOLATE URSELF IN BED WHEN THEY MAKE CIRCLE AND TALK...u go in! and say hi to everyone. get it?.. i mean this is during the beginning.. when people dono people yet.. ok.. not after a week or two! it wont work.

 i think i talked to only people who greeted me, so others thought im a SNOB. besides i have naturally arrogant face * which is not my fault la giler!* . some find me friendly and warm when i reply questions and smile. i didnt know how to break the ice OMG! i did ask questions but i went krik krik krik after the 3rd questions haha. dulu my social skill sux!

oh ya i eat alone . i mean till today i dont like waiting for people . to eat. to class.. i mean why shud i wait. i got life to do.

rule #2 if you do stuff alone, people look at you as weirdo not INDEPENDENT * gosh! ppl change this perception. it's friggin lame!*

i think that was how they look at me and avoided being friends with me.

im not done yet. later. i get lazy