Saturday, March 24, 2012

OHMAGAD!! HE'S COMING BACK to US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont be jealous =P



my craziest 23rd march ever!

i was at KLCC. really determined to see em!

there are here for the Formula 1 Grand Prix concert.

23 & 24th march 2012 at Petronas twin Tower - KLCC

the concert called TWIN TOWER @LIVE 2012

i got there at 3 or 4 pm.

it started at 6.30pm

SNSD performed at 9.15pm ....EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

they all wore white , with boots.. only 8 members came. Yuri couldnt make it..sad..they'll come back again with Yuri next time. Tiffany told us HAHA YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

they sang 6 songs . they were opening the event.

  2. GENIE with Malaysia, put it back on!
  3. HOOT
  5. MR. TAXI
  6. GEE
 they look mature now. i can say. SADLY i cudnt watch them closely coz i hadnt had ticket. i feel so stupid now . my friend offered me a ticket for fanzone at rm25 but i thought i was alone n it's not necessary
 ( nonsense yeah?)

then came the regret when i relly had to lengthen my neck like MR. girrafe just to see whats going on on the main stage...  cudnt see anything

i went round n round for a spot with a satisfactory view (since i didnt buy a ticket- of corz la..ssooo stupid).  then  i met these 23 yo girls were lookin for the same thing as i did.

  1. Umi 
  2. Farah
girls, i didnt get to say goodbye nor asked ur FBs, but am  glad  that we met. and we are SONES!!!!!!!! HAHA

all bcoz ppl were pushing n pushing like it was kinda strike o something at the SNSD cars...after they performed, we wanted to say gudbye. we went to where their cars were parked... they arrived at the cars, got in, and all the fans went crazy! all guys...they were approaching the windows n got pushed really harshly by the police. i happened to be at the 2nd or 3rd row, being pushed violently. u know how guys are.....i got separated from them two...sob sob

SADLY i cudnt take any pic of them performing. not worth it. i was far from the stage. i watched from the big screen. i cud hear their voices!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they sang, wasnt lipsing ok..

from fb not mine -the boys

fb- Genie

OH , there was sth wrong with JESSICA'S SOEHYUN, &  TAEYON 's mic...hmm... they were on n off..not gud ...

i love it when they say their line, "anyeongseyo, SO NYEO SHI DAE mida!"

they greeted malaysia ,one member after another .sooyoung said "terima kasih malaysia" nice! haha

and it was indeed hot there. they said that indeed malaysia is hot! lol they sweat after the performance.(especially SICA) poor her. poor them lol

they all look mature now. my favourite is TIFFANY UNNIE!! so cute...i like all actually. they have new looks after the single THE BOYS.

can u believe it?! almost 80% fans flooded the KLCC compound were MAINLY for SNSD???!!!!! AFTER THEY SANG Gee, the last song, everybody scattered to their cars n LRT stations LOL. SO OBVIOUS!

before that, U CANT EVEN BREATHE IN THE CROWD! I MEAN IT LITERALLY! u need O2 supply..if it wasnt SNSD, i wudnt do this crazy thing i did today. and next time, if they come again, i relly relly relly will try to get a ticket. No more watching from the big screen ! wats the point me being there if i only see them on screen!

and i heard comments when the SNSD performance was over.girls said sth abt Sooyoung unnie =)... shes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo la pretty in person ..ya i saw Hyoyeon in da van, their skin like porcelein doll!! (must be BB cream heheh)

i headed to KLCC station to go back to hostel. YA ALLAH! can u imagine the situation when a small souna packed with almost 99 persons outa 100????? imagine the ODOUR! we all sweat like pigs! and everybody smelled awful . and were  indoor! way to LRT ticket counters were paked with ppl! sweaty ppl that was. (i wasnt exempted). we were like sardines in the tin!  i TRIED to get an LRT ticket...then wat happen?? LRT CLOSED! bcoz they were TOO many ppl!

then many of them ATTACKED the food court, others for drinks..we were dehydrated lol

all bcoz so nyeo shi dae!

i had a memorable experience today. not so sweet. but being pushed like that n watching only from the big screen, no pix taken ( my phone cheap one pic cant zoom , video recording sux!) , im gona make sure if they come again, i'll have a ticket, and a good camera to go with it ..SNSD saraghae!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

this is so true! no hiding.and it works the same way for everybody right? =P

a woman can hold back her love for decades ... but not her jealousy even if only for a moment...

do u like what u do???

hmm aku tulis ni sbb aku terjumpa manusia2 yg mcm xkena je dgn profession yg mereka pilih n menyakitkan hati aku n org2 di sekeliling mereka hehe. im not a miss-know-it-all who likes to tell ppl what to do , what to say ( im not bossy ok) but it doesnt look right when ur a doctor, or a teacher/ lecturer to talk n treat ppl who come to u with cold shoulder right?

do u really have to be emotional with them? have u heard,read, or encounter  the word "PROFESSIONAL" before?

do u really have to mix up work with personal life n if sth goes wrong in any of these 2 "departments" u simply put the anger to those who actually come to seek ur help n advice?

plzz la be professional ok!

  1. DOCTOR 
 one time when i was sick with fever ( bad la, high temp, hingus lagi sob3) i went to this clinic nearby IIU, this first doctor who examined me was a male, Punjabi doctor. He was relly nice , soft spoken , pleasant doctor. around 40 i might say .he checked my temp, "u got demam la sister " .nice~ NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! haha. he gave me a 2 days MC (maseh doc :)  .Unfortunately , my fever didnt go away within 2 days. i needed more rest. i didnt go to class la of coz *big grin* i was sick! so, i take the medication prescribed , drank lots of water till my tummy bloat like a toad lol (exegerrate a bit =P) then by evening on the third day my fever was gradually recovered. i went la to the clinic..i went to extend the MC coz i didnt go to class on the third day due to my sicky condition. u know how cold fever is right. so uncomfy! tissue papers, headache and all the "equipments" coming along with it. i went to the clinic by foot! sob sob sob . da la sick, jalan kaki p klinik...see how strong i am? ahaks.. so this strong gerl went la to the doctor. this time, there was other doctor in charge, a male, in his 40s, malay doc.. so he  wasnt smiling at all, didnt greet o anything ( not expected to bow b4 me o anything, at least smile la) da la aku ni sakit, the more i looked at him , the sicker i got i think... he really had to add my sickness by his school-headmaster-facial- expression la kan?

then, not like other docs, he asked "knape?" his tone was like everybody who comes to him, is a maggot he needs to get rid of quickly, one maggot after another. so i was his maggot la that time...... he looked very annoyed to treat me. he checked my temp, asked how i felt. my temp was normal 37 sth.he showed the thermometer straight to my face!..of course la! . i took the meds, i drank water.but i was still SICK.i felt sick still..i just wanted MC for the day i was absent for on the third day of class!! he thought i was lying or sth.he thought i was that stupid to deceive a doctor? r u a stupid doc ? lol  i was still sick  that time.. i pulled my strength to walk n that was wat i get? he added, what class did u have today . i said, arabic and others i  dont remember... and he said to me, mm ben student, anything related with arabic/ islamic lazy lazy to go to class with a serious face. no he wasnt joking.i wud have smiled if he did...i then  gave him the angry look of corz. i stared into his face, with anger ( dont play play with sick gerl with cold fever k lol)..he didnt have the right to say that! he didnt even know me! i loved my arabic class ! that was the only class that time was considered relaxing to me. he was really annoying! I WAS FREAKING ANNOYED! PLZ LA! UR A DOCTOR ! cudnt u be more supportive and motivating?! thats what u shud do!

he wrote sth on the prescription slip.i took it. i went out. i didnt say anything ( see i was relly relly annoyed!) . he did extend my MC,but my point is, does he have to react the same way to all his patients?! in a very irritating sort of communication? if u dont wana be a doc, then dont! start teaching o sth. stop annoying other ppl with ur discontented face! if u have probs at home, dont bring it to work! i know we r sicky strangers to u, we might as well transfer infections to u ( probably duhh) but, ur THE DOC, thats a fact. and didnt they teach u in med school, bout ethics with ur patients? the way u communicate reflects who u r. it's not profession, it's individual! dont give other docs a bad name by ur bad attitude. it sux.

another foreign doc i went for my disgusting infection of plantar wart ( i got it from the hostel! i had an opening due to nail pricking, wasnt that thoughful to go to the doc) he scolded his patients for being scared! HELLO! being scared for pain is normal doctor,  dont u know ?? ur the doc, u have no idea how to soothe them? what agitate me is, they know the patients r scared, they just dont care. oh i realised sth!

  • they face pain, deaths every single day. they become less n less sensitive day to day . tada!! got it!
i used to think that docs are caring, loving,and ahh handsome.. (off topic) .. that was what i think..most of them are.. but based on my experience,umm they r some docs who r like a royal pain in the A-- . its true tho. no need to get offended. but i truly respect them for sacrificing  their time  n energy in helping ppl . ( they have panda eyes, no much of beauty sleep,dont get proper meal time sometimes, dont get free weekends like others etc. haha. does this line sound pessimistic to all future docs out there? )  BTW,i support hug-a-doctor-day!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hehe..cant hug ali..he's far! )

i like what dr. sheikh muszaphar taught dr. halina when she was in her hosemanship. i totally agree with him . He said,

“These people, it’s not their choice to be sick.. but you chose to be a doctor. Treat them nicely…”

waaa.  dedicated, sweet, gentle doctor, there there see??? like that laa  nice.. be nice docs! =)

continue later. got lazy oredy