Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bad Habit!!

long time no write.

hello blog xx!

i like stuff that makes a girl pretty. 

i like skincare better than makeup coz the effect is more satisfying. makeup makes you pretty in instant but skincare, if it works wonders on your skin, u can go out barefaced !! (sth that i always do tho ma face is not at all flawless!). lazy people like me love to go on the quest of finding our holy grail skincare than our holy grail makeup! yep..pemalas tp nak cantik laaa hahahah

 and to find the right one for me, i have spent "generous" amount of money on those products.

some works, some are mediocre, some are malay products that i tried to believe that it was effective but eventually dissapoint me haha...

we've all gone through all this kan? girls know what im talking about. to find your "holy grail" moisturizer, shampoo, night serum, cream is such a huge life decision! 

i don't mind spending hours and hours reading products reviews, make research on tiny bits like googling for each of the product ingredients if i have to, or compare it with other products, coz i need a product that really works!

but i have this one bad, bad habit!

i hope i dont pass it down to my future daughter(s) hahaha ..no! pls god.. no!

i buy a product that i feel convinced with, that i thought my HOLY GRAIL one, i use it a few times..then i lost interest and start googling for another "holy grail" product.

most of the time, this is what i do, and i hate this habit coz it involves high end products. i haven't finished a bottle of cream lets say...then i think it doesn't work on my skin ( just because it takes more  time  than my mental " calender" sets it to work ) and i leave it un-used in the drawer for sometime, until i forgot i have it, and shop for another new cream!  *which i actually dont need, but feel like i do* susahnye jadi perempuan tau tak!! they take up space in my locker..so i put them in a bag then i shove them in the drawer below my bed.

this goes on and on on other things like makeup primers, setting spray, shampoo, lipstick, *i have a few and they look like no one uses them lol* , creams, scrubs *god i have a lot!* cleanser ,i bought 2  during sales  * i haven't finished one  and lose interest, one is not opened until today, i bought them in 2013 and forgot *

i have so many un-used skincare n makeup, part used, and left them to drain themselves?! terrible me..future husband, please dont read my blog lol

what i do to get rid of these things is, at the end of each semester, mak cik cleaners at our hostels like to take things we no longer need, sometimes they sell it, or sometimes they take it home...i usually put things that ARE STILL USABLE, in a big tote (MOSTLY MY SKINCARE), and put a paper on the bag,  write "FREE" , and stick it on the bag, put it at the counter beside the staircase.....

the next time i pass by, those products are gone.. i hope anyone who needs it take it, and use so i dont have to feel guilty for the rest of my life for having such a terrible habit!

last semester, i put tudungs and skincare... when you write the magic word FREE, you make some people happy, it kinda compensates the "sin" of throwing your so called "babies" away...

i heard some makcik cleaners  sound in a  really happy ,grateful tone at the counter beside the staircase where i put my bag of tudung..i was glad and when i walked by the counter, my tudung in the bag was all gone. hehe.. nice .. take them and wear them. i get the pahala :)

having this "cheating" habit costs me...

coz when i find the product that i really need, i run out of money... i need to wait for quite some time to buy it.. that is such an agony!

it's like the cost you have to pay when you cheat during a relationship. when you cheat, you pay!

i cheat one cream over another, my skin isn't better... then i crave for a new cream... stupid!

so stop cheating girls! makeup your mind.

and when you try on a product that you are convinced that it could be your holy grail, give it time to prove itself to you that it works! usually 3 months to see whether or not a product is your real HOLY GRAIL one...

i am bent down by money shortage... i learnt that i have to finish a product to try out another.

i learnt that patient is rewarding *it is true !! hahaha* 

im the kind of person who is okay to mix brands for skincare, as long as i s found one holy grail, for each routine.. like for cream, i like bobbi brown, thats my holy grail *it is magic in a jar* ,for serum i like advanced night repair estee lauder *fountain of youth in a jar* ..i do mix brands, but i will stick to them..im so in love with them!!


to find your holy grail items are not easy...you have to literally go on a "quest" just to find ONE...one!   imagine 4! or 5 ( cleanser,toner,treatment,serum,moisturizer/cream)....

i hope my future husband wont have to repeat the cliched line " like mother like daughter" to me when we have one with this bad, bad habit in the future lol 

..nauzubillah hahaha...i just hope as a girl,my future daughter knows how to appreciate god's gift of beauty, and does what she has to do as a girl.. hope she wont have my bad habit, instead will be wiser than me in terms of shopping!!  

girls need that kind of smart.they really do!..street smart,book smart,i call this  "aphroditeous" smart! 

k that word is not even a word..but you know what i mean! haha