Thursday, August 30, 2012

i love u ALLAH

alhamdulillah for me all the way to YOU please..YOUR LOVE saves me everytime,and makes me stronger
"And the redirection will always, always blow your mind.
Let it go. Just trust."

SUPER TRUE..talkin based on experience...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

i didnt hit anything...phewww

im learning how to drive now...finally got the courage..dah tua2 baru nak belajar haha.. i wana be "functional" independent woman so i relly need to pull this off  no matter what... dont wanna be the damsel in distress and have to take a taxi or need someone to drive me here and there...have to make my parents realise that im an adult..
 ( which i too have to take some time to "digest" that im now 21!) krik krik krik krik...i dont like growing old...sobsss

life goes on..

so i was supposed to go to my driving school with the instructor today... my driving instructor was supposed to call .. but he didnt no class today...

i relly hate it! he taught me just for abt one hour and expect me to be an expert.. im a girl hello! mmg la lambat tangkap! ada ke suruh aku masok parking terus...dah aku ni reverse gear pon xbtol.. kalau aku bawak sume org bole mati! ( i know im dramatic...)

what i like is that i have 2 bros which obviously know how to drive and to move that car!

i like them teaching me compared to my dad or my driving teacher...seriously...they are 19 (with driving license) and 16 (without)... just now i just spent 2 hours learning with my youngest bro. he drives like my dad!

it's like u will loose ur heartbeat in the process if u dont buckle up LIKE....but i feel safe...somehow.. lol. thats how my dad drives..he doesnt believe in slowing down i guess haha..thats how my youngest bro terperecuk below the passenger seat when he was 2...i was holding him but i lost grip lol

so anyway, i think it's easier to pick up what my bros taught me compare to the instructor.. im more relax, and the car is in control.. i like it!

and ya, i scream several times when there were kids running around... or prior to a sight of incoming lorry... girls scream u let me scream ... malu la jugak bila the engine stops at junctions.. i was practicing around our neighbourhood.. and umm when i screamed, yeah, ppl saw............ehemm ehemm adat la aku baru belajar..=P

and my bro was like " why u let go the clutch so fast..why is it too the left.. y r u no relax when u turn at junctions..why so slow...r u gonna hit the bins? go right a bit.. dont break like dat....." like a grandpa, but a good instructor grandpa! thanks la adik ..ko aja kakak

my youngest bro drives like my dad and hes like a pro younger bro, 19, he drives carefully...nothing wrong with dat.. just i see that my youngest bro is more like my dad n  the middle bro his way  is more like me mom huhu.. me, i dono lar how i drive soon.i'll try my best not to cause harm to ppl lol

.hopefully i cud finish my license before going back to school...i dont want to hold back my next short sem bcoz of this license thingy..

xsaba aku nak bwk keter seniri!