Thursday, December 5, 2013

after 12 years of the worst one ...

Kuantan , Pahang December 2013 ,3 december onwards ..

flood. involving my home!! news reported Kuantan is 50% SANK. and my home area become headlines. thats bad! it's historic for our family, and of course it's the worst in Kuantan history. Malls sank etc... everybody suffered.

i got update from my dad that our house sank. only rooftop could be seen. all our belongings at home sank including 2 cars, 2 motor bikes ..everything

my parents and bro at shelter now. no electricity . cant recharge their phone to keep me and my younger bro updated.

Alhamdulillah, they are all well. im worried abt my mom ..i know my dad and bro are strong enough to handle this. my mom cant move well because of gout . im so worried abt her emotions and all .

they got out bringing clothes only.2 am. it's sad coz i heard there's not enough food. my dad told me there's no electricity, only candles ...

it is seriously worse than the worst one 12 years ago... Flood at Kuantan in 2001... masa tu paras tingkap je but this time, hanya atap rumah je yg nampak...

my dad told me  they didnt get to save anything because they thought the flood will go down in 1-2 days..but it gets worsen. they didnt expect it to be this worse. and i read headlines . the rain that contributed to this : 15 days rain in 1 day . i dono how to put it in better words but in a day , the rain falls non stop equal to 15 days rain, for one day. sorry my description sux hehe

Ya Allah, not that we dont appreciate the rain as rizq, but please, ease what we have to go through in campus and im worried abt my family in Kuantan.

id like to keep myself updated but there's no electricity.

i hope those who could help can send help immidietly .. u dont have to go around Asean to offer help. help your own people first!

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